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Striving for Commercial Excellence

Striving for Commercial Excellence

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    Recently I listened to a marketing professional who offered a perspective on striving for marketing excellence (and I suppose commercial excellence by extension). I found it inspirational enough that I had this overwhelming desire to offer up a blog (something I haven’t been doing much of lately but in my defence I’ve been busy… I digress).

    The proposed formula for marketing (and commercial) excellence came in the form of not one C, or even two, but 3 Cs.

    Customer, Competitor and Craft

    Customer — know who your customers are, know how they think, know what’s important to them, how to find them, and the best way to connect with them.

    Competitor — know who your competitors are, what their value proposition is (particularly how it competes with yours), watch what they are doing, and identify how you can engage with your customers better.

    Craft — identify those skills that are unique to you, your strengths, and get really, really good at them; develop and practice always.

    This resonated with me, and although I really liked these core drivers, I kept thinking there was something missing. After a while it finally struck me — my issue wasn’t with the drivers themselves but with what actually fuelled them. 

    Turns out there’s a fourth “C” and it fuels everything:

    Curiosity [ˌkyo͝orēˈäsədē] NOUN — a strong desire to know or learn something. 

    So humbly, I would like to refine the three drivers slightly:

    • A strong desire to know or learn about your Customer
    • A strong desire to know or learn about your Competitors
    • A strong desire to know or learn about your Craft

    So there you have it, another list to make you successful, and not even one I came up with myself — just something I “tinkered with”. This of course doesn’t diminish the importance of the three “C”s (or maybe four) but maybe “striving for excellence” also includes searching out smart people, listening to what they have to say, thinking about what they’ve said, and taking action.

    After all, I wouldn’t have written this blog and “tinkered a little bit” if it wasn’t for someone who knows quite a bit about marketing.



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