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The Best Deals in Doggy Fashion


One of my favourite activities to do with my four-legged friend is dress him up. I enjoy colour matching with my dog and have found some great brands, and great deals to make this possible. For inspiration, following some dog fashion accounts on social media is a great way to start. To do this simply search “dog fashion” on Instagram. Each post usually links you to the site the clothes were bought from. It is also easy to find pieces you like then search for them at a cheaper price, just like with regular clothes. Personally, I follow several influencer dogs on Instagram to make sure my dog is not missing out on any new trends. Once I find a trend I enjoy- currently it is bow ties- I head to my go to sites and stores to search for deals. 

The best deals I have found so far are on Amazon. The quality is not always the best, but the prices can’t be beat, and the sizes are very accurate. I use Amazon for the more generic pieces like simple shirts or sweaters. The return policy s great too, so if it doesn’t look or feel up to your standard, you can return it for a full refund.

A lesser-known site I enjoy for my dog is called Baxter Boo. This site has all the basics as well as costumes, and shoes. Personally, I stay away from dog shoes simply because mine despises them. But if your pup is more relaxed, this site has cute and high-quality shoes. This is also exclusively where I shop for my dogs Halloween costumes. They offer costumes year-round for the adventurous dressing dogs but come October the options triple. This site is a good one to keep an eye on as sometimes they have great deals.

PetSmart is great for in person shopping. I use their grooming services, so I am there often and am able to stay up to date on all the sales. Ordering online can save some money too. They usually have deals that are online exclusive, so once you know your dogs size you can comfortably order online knowing you will be saving some money each time. Another perk of PetSmart You can take your dog inside with you and, while you can’t try the clothing on, you can hold it up to your pet to gage the fit and look. 

For the accessories, I go for high quality. I like to look for handmade pieces off Etsy. Those are the collars, the bowties and the tutus. I don’t mind paying a bit more for an accent piece as it will make the outfit pop and stand out. Etsy offers many personalization options too so you can essentially get your pups name on any piece. 

Feel free to use these sites and stores to build the perfect dog outfit!

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