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The CoronaVirus Scam, Scientific Method, and the Age of Misinformation

The CoronaVirus Scam, Scientific Method, and the Age of Misinformation

   Note; This article originally published here on Oct. 7, 2020. It somehow got lost with the change of platform but it is just as poignant and applicable, if not more so, than it was back then. There a few of my COVID articles that have “disappeared” in the transition but I will be re-uploading them in chronological order.

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 We are living in interesting times indeed!  (Although any adjective can be used for this opening statement depending on one's perspective ie; dangerous, scary, apocalyptic, crazy, etc.)

 The last 8 months have been an extraordinary time for us, the human species, and I for one am feeling overwhelmed,, stressed, and fearful with a bad case of "stimulus and information overload". Is anyone else feeling the same way? That is up until 2 days ago when a series of events changed my perspective and allowed me to approach the "problem" with a new, fresh mindset.

  Kitchens are a stressful environment, (although any workplace, or non-work place, can be as well, again it is all up to one's perspective). I clearly remember an occasion in my earlier years in the kitchen when I was feeling the pressure and the Chef said to me;

 "When in doubt go back to the basics"

  It was 2 days ago when I had my epiphany that this memory drifted back into my consciousness and it settled me immediately, it lit the way for me to navigate my way through this quagmire intelligently and strategically. (The kitchen has taught me many lessons that I have applied throughout my life). Yes I have doubts right now, as we ALL do I'm sure. So let's go back to the basics...

 First let's cut the Crap...

 I'm not going to go on a rant, no soapbox speeches with political overtones, no hidden agendas, no apocalyptic warnings. I'm not going to make any allegations or accusations, nor am I going to lay blame anywhere. I'm hoping to "clear the air" of all the bullshit so we can "get back to the basics" of scientific method and analyze the situation intelligently. I will let all of you draw your own conclusions and formulate your own thoughts, as I have done.

 It was 2 days ago, (Oct. 4), when I came across a post of a connection/friend, (a neurosurgeon), that contains a video of a lawyer in Germany discussing the legal aspects of the Coronavirus situation, specifically the policies in place, (more on this to follow), and it made quite an impact on me such that I forwarded the video to my best friend, (a dentist), and I messaged my connection to tell him that I thought the video was fascinating. In the next hour, within minutes of each other my connection and best friend both emailed me back with quite profound and in depth messages relating to the video. (more on these messages to follow). The perspectives that I gained from that video and those 2 emails not only floored me, but were also a catalyst that crystallized in my mind the enormous amount of information that I had unconsciously been absorbing over the past 8 months. A light was now shining on the nebulous red flags, fears, and nagging doubts that were hiding in the recesses of my brain. While they are still there and present just the fact of recognizing them is an incredible relief. 

 We have experienced a literal explosion in the technological and communication fields that rivals and/or surpasses the Industrial Revolution of the 1800's and for those of us lucky enough to be old enough to remember the days before cell phones, computers, the internet, etc. we at least have some perspective as to the monster that we've created. These are all tools and as the old adage goes, "A tool is only as good as the person using it" and what a lot of people don't understand is that with the power of these new highly developed tools they can be like an atom bomb in the hands of a toddler. They can be a boon for us but also the bane, if not used intelligently. So along with the benefits come the pitfalls. The major impact for all of us is communication and information, especially during these times when they can be used as tools for hidden agendas or other motives. These tools can also be overpowering and yes I admit that I have been seduced and am "hooked" on the internet, etc. But I am taking a step back. Has anyone seen "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix? I believe that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

 Recognizing that this is a double edged sword I take everything with a grain of salt, the internet is an immense resource of information, unlike anything we've had before, but I am extremely skeptical, especially when it comes to opinions, regardless who it's coming from; Show me the science! (more to follow)

 I am even more disillusioned with the media, (news services); the obvious political leanings make anything they say highly questionable and their reports are often conflicting and contradictory to each other; who do you believe?. Every day there are "sensational" stories, We are being bombarded, overloaded with information and "breaking news" on a daily basis from entities that are competing for not just our attention but also our vital statistics, personal information, etc. here's 2 just from yesterday as an example;

 Oct. 5 CNN Banner. "Who reports that 10% of world population has contracted the Coronavirus"


I'm going to call Bullshit! on that. (rationalization for this statement with documentation to follow; see sources)

   Oct 5 White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tests positive for the Coronavirus"

 This article can be found on virtually any news feed. It was bound to happen considering she is tested daily and our testing method is extremely flawed, in particular the rate of false positive test results due to the lack of "scientific method" in administering the test, statistically it was only a matter of time until the test came back positive, regardless whether she has the virus or not. (rationalization for this statement with documentation to follow; see sources)

These are just 2 examples of what we are bombarded with on a daily basis, no wonder we're all so stressed and compliant.

 Here's some shenanigans I just found this minute, (1:55 PM, Alberta time, Oct. 6), Headline on Global News on "My Feed",

  "Facebook removes Trump post for comparing the seasonal flu to COVID-19", 


 Again I'm going to call Bullshit! on that. Where's the science for removing this post? (besides that this is an "opinion" which we are ALL entitled to have, including "The Donald")

  I could go on all day but I'm sure you all understand what I'm saying so let's get to the point. I don't believe the opinions on the internet, I don't believe the media, particularly "Social media" or the news services. There are far too many contradictory statements and uneducated opinions to be able to make an informed conclusion. As far as I'm concerned both sides of most "debates'': cancel each other out rendering them null and void. It is all just a smoke screen. I won't even go down the road of hidden agendas and ulterior motives... 

  Good, I think I've cut out all the crap. What does that leave us with?

  Scientific method;

  "Knowledge is power"; how do we attain that knowledge? Through the process of "Scientific method";

  "The scientific method is a systematic procedure of deriving reliable information based on a combination of inductive and deductive reasoning, which is strengthened by experimental observation. Historians trace the origins of the scientific method back to the ancient Greeks, Spaniards and Arabs, particularly the Muslims.Roger Bacon, (13th century), published his theory on the scientific method in his work "Scientia Experimentals," and Galileo, (17th century), is widely considered as the "Father of the Scientific Method." Francis Bacon, (16th century), became famous for his "Novum Organum," while the "Discourse on Method" contained Descartes' concepts regarding the scientific method. ."

 (from "Reference.com" see sources)

  Volumes have been written and obviously we have a long history of developing our procedures but suffice it to say that this is our accepted method for achieving results, establishing "Facts" and more importantly agreeing with those results.

It must be pointed out that if the data or any of the steps involved with the method are recorded or executed incorrectly, or are tainted, corrupted, false or manipulated the results cannot be confirmed nor taken as fact, hence NOT science. If there are conflicting results or "opinions" further experimentation must be taken in order to draw any conclusions, and the results must be able to be replicated, through repetitive experimentation and corroborated. I'm sure that you all understand the principles of "scientific method".

  Before I continue I would like to address Intelligence, as I'm sure that you've noticed that I've highlighted this word throughout so far. Just because someone is a doctor does not mean that they are "intelligent" and by the same token just because I'm a Chef does not mean that I am not intelligent. How does one measure intelligence? That is a conundrum although personally I believe that in one aspect there is a direct correlation between intelligence and a sense of humor, (meaning if you laugh at my jokes then you're "OK" in my books). 

 Here is a short example; (true story)

  Two years ago I was rushed to the ER and admitted for emergency surgery for reasons unbeknownst to me. I woke up in the ICU a couple of days later with tubes up my nose, down my throat, on a respirator, etc. A doctor was there and he asked me, "How are you doing?" It would be obvious to anyone that I was unable to speak due to all of the plumbing so I signed as best as I could, with wires and IV's in my arms, that I was unable to vocalize. The red flag went up in my head when I saw the revelation on the doctor's face,, "Oh, he can't speak". He handed me a white board and a dry erase marker on which I wrote, "WTF happened to me???" Now there was nothing wrong with my ears as they were my only orifices not blocked and plugged with some kind of plumbing so you can imagine my utter surprise when the doctor grabbed the white board and began intently writing his response to my question, multiple red flags flying in my brain now. I just looked at him flabbergasted and while watching him studiously writing a thought percolated through my narcotic fogged brain, this first thought that crossed my mind was, "Gee I wonder who ties this guy's shoelaces for him in the morning". And with that thought I broke into uncontrollable guffaws, I literally started laughing my ass off! The poor doctor looked at me in shock and dismay and thinking that I was having convulsions he put me back under for a couple of more days. Lucky for me this doctor was only on duty in the ICU unit, thankfully my trauma surgeon was as sharp as a scalpel, pun intended. 

 Do you see my point?

  We need to be aware, cut the crap and use our intelligence.The problem that has become clear to me is that there is NO scientific basis for the conclusions and policies being handed down to us, actually being shoved down our throats. The "scientific method" has been thrown right out the window. Forget all of the rhetoric, the posturing and the grandstanding; where's the science?

  Here is the video that I first mentioned, by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, "Crimes against Humanity". Catchy title wouldn't you agree? It is 45 minutes long but for anyone who has concerns, doubts, fears, questions about the current state of affairs, (i think that's most of us), it is well worth the watch and I did find it riveting. On one hand it is relieving in some ways but on the other it is frightening.. The bottom line and the common denominator from this video is; Where's the science?


   (This original link has been removed but here is a new link that is working

   https://rumble.com/vjb4i5-reiner-fuellmich-explains-the-class-action-law-suit-filed-on-june-21st-2021.html )


  As I said after watching this I messaged Dr. Ian Weinberg, Neurosurgeon, who shared the video to discuss it with him. I have known Ian for several years, we've had numerous discussions and the bottom line is that I trust him, and highly respect his opinion. Although we had never really discussed the COVID situation before this is what he sent me; (Oct.5)

  "... Randy. As you know I’ve been intimately connected with the unfolding pandemic and succumbed myself to the illness. But remained somewhat sceptical throughout. Looking at the CDC stats - one becomes very suspicious: They’ve got multiple columns of Covid deaths - each column mixed with some or other co-morbidity. Once collated - 92% of Covid deaths are associated with conditions (ie pneumonia) that cause death and only 8% without co-morbidities, but no post-mortems done! Just doesn’t add up..".

 Ian continues in his next message with;

  "To give you some more substrate to use, here's an elaboration (Btw the relevant CDC page that I was referring to is https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm">https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm

): It appears that in the reporting of a Covid death, you first state the primary diagnosis ie - pneumonia with flu; pneumonia without flu; other severe respiratory conditions with/without pneumonia; renal failure; severe hypertension etc If they were Covid positive ie positive on the PCR swab, its immediately classified as a Covid death and reported as such. But we know that the PCR test doesn't detect living and infecting virus alone. It detects Corona virus genetic material debris as well. Therefore many of the 'Covid deaths' probably had no viable virus. The most likely cause of death was the pneumonia with/without flu as well as all the other mentioned 'co-morbidities' which are actually the primary morbidities. Here's another interesting one: I had a patient who had a typical Covid illness profile. No co-morbidities; blocked nose, sore throat 1st 4 days; down into chest day 5; fever loss of appetite and racing pulse day 8 with drop in oxygen saturation. Put on steroids for 3 days and recovered. This was identical to the profile of when I was ill with Covid - I was positive on PCR during and 1 week after symptoms. My patient was NEGATIVE on 2 PCR tests!!! So what the hell is the disease called Covid? We have not fulfilled Koch's postulates: The proof that the identified organism (Corona virus) is singly the direct cause of these illnesses and deaths. As the former chief of the Koch's Institute in Germany asked Engela Merkel: Madam Chancellor, can you tell us how many people have died FROM the Corona virus or WITH the Corona virus"

Within minutes of receiving these messages from Ian, I received an email from my best and oldest friend Ross Donison DMD. Ross has his own very successful practice with 15 employees I know Ross, we grew up together, went to school together, have enjoyed life experiences together. I trust him implicitly, I respect him and very much his opinion and I know that he is highly intelligent. I can even vouch for the fact that he is very capable of tying his own shoelaces. As with Ian Ross and I had not yet really discussed the Coronavirus situation, until I sent him that video; this is part of his response back to me; (Oct.5)

  "One other thing... regarding the corona virus... I’ve been following and researching since the very beginning. I have a strong background in immunoloy. Since I have an academic medical degree as well as my DMD I have a decent background with which to evaluate the data. I watched closely in the beginning to see what was happening and now, currently, I’m completely confident in my belief that this IS undoubtedly, as he said in the video, the biggest scam and crime ever committed against humanity. It makes me really angry that it’s taking place and people just absolutely do not question anything. Like sheep, they just believe the govt’s and do what they say. I am speaking as a front-line health care worker, someone who worked through the lockdown, someone who on a daily basis, all day long, expose myself to antigens and put myself at risk for contracting just about any disease you can think of. The aerosols we generate in my business are only exceeded my ER docs and nurses who are intubating patients. Difference is, I see an average of 50 patients every day... they might intubate 2-3 times per day on an average shift. Despite this, I’m not afraid and I’ve stayed healthy, so has my entire staff of 15, and virtually every single person who comes through our doors, as well as everyone THEY know. Because we ask. 

 So many problems exist, and it’s too much to get into now, but for one, the testing methodology... the PCL IgM/IgG testing they mostly use has been shown to be only about 10 percent accurate and extemely non-specific for Covid-19... it says so right on the packaging doctors receive along with the test. Many false positives occur... it tests positive for most colds and flu’s. I’m sure you’ve heard this, but the scientist who invented the test has gone on record as saying he hates that it’s being used as the gold standard of testing because it’s not at all accurate for a definitive diagnosis. 

Next problem is the inaccurate recording of covid cases and deaths... for example, just this week the ontario govt released data that their daily numbers were higher than ever. Turns out they knowingly and admitted as such, included hundreds of positive tests from last may and june, saying that they didn’t get recorded back then so they were including them now for completeness. This creates artificially increased numbers. This is completely misleading and false. In addition, the deaths... I’m sure you’ve heard this as well. Both in the US and Canada... and this is no secret, they admit it openly when questioned... that anyone who tests positive for covid when they die, is counted as a covid death. Truly, that means you can be killed in a car accident, or mauled by a bear, and if you test positive at the time of your death, you are recorded as a covid death. On your death certif, it will not say that, but the govt counts it as covid. There are on-camera press interviews where they make this very clear and in no uncertain terms. Third, now that it’s been over 6 months since the lockdown, Statistics Canada has released numbers that show the number of flu-related deaths for this year is entirely and completely average. It’s a totally normal year. In the USA early predictions were for 2.2 million deaths. They’ve had about 200,000. Not a good thing at all, but much, much lower than expected. In 2015, the recorded flu deaths in the USA was 500,000. It was a bad year for the flu. It made some minor headlines, but no lockdowns. So interesting. In Canada, they were expecting hospitals and morgues to literally be overrun by corpses, so they had a plan to take over ice hockey arenas to store dead bodies in the summer so they wouldn’t decompose as quickly. Believe it or not, that’s true. 

I know plenty of physicians. They all tell me the same thing... they were completely slack and empty during the height of the pandemic. They allocated 70 covid ICU beds in Alberta. At one time we had 9 in the entire province. I think right now in Edmonton, there is one case in ICU. Yet, they are talking about a second wave and another lockdown, with enforced masks in Edmonton punishable by fines/jail. Why not during the height of the pandemic? Why now? Maybe because we all need a visual reminder about the “danger”?

Look, don’t get me wrong... it’s a very nasty flu... it primarily attacks the lung tissue, and can be really bad. It’s mutated a few times leading to some bizarre symptoms, but the ability of the virus to infect has not been enhanced by the mutations... just its actions on the body cells. Early on they were putting people on ventilators, especially in the USA. Turns out that the absolute WORST thing you can do, as the epithelium lining the lungs becomes extremely friable and is easily destroyed by the positive pressure of a ventilator. You essentially kill them, which is why so many people died on ventilators early on. 

Fact is, anyone under the age of 70 has about a 98 % chance of survival if they catch that flu. Even the highest risk, those over 80, have less than 4% chance of dying. This is of course made much worse by their physical condition, but anyone under those ages has something like a 0.04% chance of dying from Covid. What does that sound like statistically? Exactly the same as any other seasonal flu. Why should we be locked down for a disease where you have a 99% chance of survival IF you contract it?????? "

  To boil everything down, the common denominator that seems to me to be prevalent through ALL of this material is; Where's the science??? 

Let's say if, and that is a very big hypothetical "IF", the scientific data was there to support and corroborate the "mainstream" claims, conclusions and policy making then Ross, Ian, along with other medical professionals and scientists would readily accept, adopt, endorse and promote said conclusions and policies; (as any competent scientist would when following scientific method) obviously the data is not there.So again I must ask; Where is the science?

While putting on the finishing touches to this article I received another email just now from Dr. Ian Weinberg, (Oct.7). with attached “Respiratory Virus Statistics” for South Africa. Following is his message and attached chart;

“…Randy. Just received - the collective viral cultures of nasal specimens collected by one of our local labs. Note that Rhinovirus far exceeds Covid. Bearing in mind that the Rhinovirus gives rise to nasal, pharyngeal, laryngeal symptoms as well as headache, loss of sense of smell, acute bronchitis, fever ... WTF !! We could well have had a global Rhinivirus/Adenovirus pandemic with Corona virus being an incidental pickup as an innocent bystander. The PCR is picking up the genetic debris of ALL Coronaviruses. To my knowledge no detailed viral cultures are being done on alleged COVID patients. Everything is hanging on the PCR. They’ve pissed on Koch’s postulates."


It's for your own good!”

 Finally! Some real science!

  I would like to throw one comment/question out there for all of you to ponder;

 Who are the people fronting/financing W.H.O.? Who are the people running the pharmaceutical companies? Who stands to gain the most from the literally millions of test kits being produced and sold as well as the "wonder vaccine" that everyone has been force fed about, or the vaccines that seem to come up every year? (Remember Dr.Reiner Fuellmich's reference to the Swine Flu fiasco in his video?) And to repeat myself; Where’s the science?!

  On that note I would like to introduce another contact of mine, Joyce Bowen, who I've known for several years. Joyce has an intimate knowledge and insight into circumstances such as this, here are a couple of her articles on vaccines and the Spanish Flu and while the content is technically outside of the scope of the message that I'm sending here it is relevant, related, and extremely important. It also gives a broader context in which to view our present day situation;



  As I said initially I am very skeptical and I would expect that you would be the same with me. I'm not asking you to believe what I'm saying, I'm not asking you to take my word for anything. Do the research, do your homework and talk to the professionals in your "Social Bubble". People that you know, respect and trust; and draw your own conclusions, just as I have.  Use the tools that we have to your advantage and DON'T allow those tools to take advantage of you.

  In closing I would like to leave you with a personal insight, a feeling, a scenario that developed in me as I was writing this. I feel like a Lemming, sitting on a high plateau next to my buddy Ross enjoying the sunset. We are enjoying life, appreciating this beautiful world that we live in, "shooting the breeze" and laughing. A few others joining us, I see Ian, Joyce, Shari, Debra, Mike, and more. We hear a rumble and in disbelief we see a stampede of our fellow beings, running at breakneck speed, millions upon millions. They approach quickly and to our horror they are disappearing over the edge and plummeting into the abyss, almost like a waterfall, it is nonstop, they are leaping to their deaths. And the only coherent thought that comes to my mind is "WTF??!! Where's the science?" Without even asking I’m sure that Ross is thinking the same thing.


And that whole "Suicidal Jumping Lemming" story was another farcical hoax, a lie and a scam; wasn't it? How many of you fell for that one? I know that I did. And that was years before this golden age of computers, internet, smart phones, etc.

 Happy Cooking Everyone!



  "Scientific method"




  Virus testing;



 This below is a must read!


 Doctor's petition, (here's something that Ross sent me last night, Oct.6)


  "Crimes against Humanity"


    HR 6666 TRACE Act Bill: Illegal Unconstitutional And Tyrannical (a little info for my American Friends)



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