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The End of The World



The end of the world is a state of mind,

And it’s amazing these days

How little it takes to get you there

We have become so sensitive to it

That all it can take is an extra foot of snow

Or the eruption of a volcano somewhere.

All it can take is assholes with bombs

Threatening each other’s existence

Posturing for profit. Selling short.

Stuffing Swiss bank accounts

All it can take is a half hour

Of the nightly news

Even on a Sunday

All it can take is a doctor

Bought and paid for by

The new Merchants of Death

Who make the pills that create

Both heaven and hell

All it can take is a poor

Guatemalan widow and her child

Knocking on the door of The Mansion

All it can take is a cell phone

In the hands of a lunatic

Spelling out hate and division

In the language

Of a poorly educated 12 year old

All it can take is the loss of hope

From millions who believed that

Robots would never replace them

And never developed a plan B

All it can take is a government

That forgets who they are governing

And starts to see their job as an ATM

And the people, the sheeple, as the cash that fills it.

All it can take is the shake of a head

To the science that doesn’t lie

And the turning of a blind eye

To the suffering and pain

Of the truth it tells

All it can take is the mere suggestion

That we are not all created equal

And the mileage that’s gotten out of that

Is virtually infinite

The end of the world

It doesn’t take much of a cut to start it

When we are all dancing on the edge

Of a razor blade

When the leaders we put our faith in

Forget that they are human too

The end of the world

Will come slowly, like the world itself has formed

There will be no divine intervention to save us

Only our own ingenuity

And own powerful will to live

And make things right

There will be no political heroes

For that ship has already sailed

There will only be you and me

And the human terms we come to now

The end of the world is coming

And we control the when of it,

But sadly not the how


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John Rylance

2 years ago #6

Great piece, the last three lines are so poignant. How often we know the when but not the how something will happen 
I ditto Pascal's comment, Jim. Bravo!

Jim Murray

2 years ago #4

Thanks Jerry Fletcher. I grew up with this kind of weather, so I don't find it weird at all. I am distressed that it's going so far south.

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #3

Jim, Well put. Nice to know the polar breeze hasn't chilled your little grey cells.

Jim Murray

2 years ago #2

Thanks Pascal Derrien. It came to me while I was making my coffee this morning. It was either go for a bike ride or write it out. And it's about 15 Below with a bigger wind chill...so.

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #1

Superb !!! That's all I have to say :-)

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