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The Thing That Burns Inside You Is the Thing You Were Meant to Do

The Thing That Burns Inside You Is the Thing You Were Meant to Do


There must be a million blogs and videos about how to find your purpose, as if a life with no divine purpose isn’t worth having. Do we all need to have some great thing to accomplish in order to be fulfilled? I could be wrong, but I think not. I think most people are ordinary and that it is all they were ever intended to be, but we each have a gift and our own kind of extraordinary that may have nothing to do with changing the world or inspiring greatness in others. I haven’t taken a survey on this, but I suspect most people just live and never feel the need to do more. I’m here to say there is nothing wrong with that, and I do believe that if somehow you were meant to do more, you would know it deep inside you long before you ever discovered what it was.

I guess it was just over 20 years ago that I came to the realization that I was not put on this earth to live my life in mediocrity. My journey has been a rather interesting one during which time I have learned many things about myself, yet for many years, I wondered how things would unfold for me. What would “my outstanding” be? I knew that the role of teacher would remain alive and well inside me and that I had the ability to see things on a much deeper level than they appeared to others. I knew that I always wanted to help people to be the best they could be. I knew that I possessed a certain wisdom that others did not. I knew that I had a way about me that made people feel very at ease and that I could easily gain the trust of anyone I met. People tell me all sorts of things all the time. Even complete strangers confide in me. Yes, I felt the fire smouldering inside me for a long time.

Circumstances in my life took a turn that necessitated my moving to a town where I knew no one. So here I am. Just me and my adult son who lives with a mild form of autism. As I made my way about the town, I noticed an unusually high rate of obesity and morbid obesity among people of all ages. I go to the gym five days a week, so I have a certain passion for fitness, but even more than that, I have a passion for helping people be the best they can be. That’s the teacher in me, I guess. As I looked around, it occurred to me that Chatham, Ontario is filled with people who have given up on themselves and they are passing that mentality on to their children.

Studies show that between the ages of 25 and 44 men and women gain 3.4% and 5.2% each year, respectively. In other words, if you weigh 160 lbs, a man would gain about 5 lbs and a woman about 8 lbs, but the additional weight gain causes a snowball effect, so over time, you will gain more each year. I remember reading somewhere a number of years ago that the average person over the age of 30 gains about 5 lbs per year if they don’t over eat or exercise. If either of these studies are true, then you can imagine the effect of not caring about your weight and your health over a span of 20 years. If you gain 5 lbs per year, it is only half a size each year, but over ten years, you will have packed on 50 pounds and gone up five more sizes. If you are 50 pounds overweight at 30, then you will be 100 pounds overweight at 40 and 150 pounds overweight at 50. Continuing on that trajectory means you will likely be dead before you turn 55.

It didn’t take me long to decide to make it my mission to bring health and wellness to the municipality of Chatham-Kent. This mission burns inside me and I feel compelled to keep it going no matter what. Most people wouldn't care how others live and normally, I wouldn't either, but I am here in Chatham and I feel like this is something I need to do. 

The owner of the gym I go to told me that he wanted to include life coaching as one of the services he offers to his members, so I told him that I would get my certification. At the end of this month I will be a certified life coach and executive coach. In fact, I am now in the process of developing a six-week program that will show people how to overcome their inner obstacles to success. My belief is that once you heal the relationship between your inner and outer self, you will be able to successfully manage any change in your life and achieve anything you want to achieve, from weight loss to business success. The most important relationship in your life is the one with yourself, after all. Nothing else will work very well if you can’t love and be kind to yourself. I have learned how to do this and now I want to show others.

In the coming weeks, I’ll tell you more about my course and my mission to bring health and wellness to my new community.

Check out this short video about my mission!


Jerry Fletcher

4 years ago #31

Thanks, Renee.

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #30

Thank you Jerry Fletcher. I'm glad to hear that your own journey with weight loss is starting to work for you. I recognize that changing the culture around food and lifestyle isn't easy and will take a long time. I feel encouraged that there are people in the community who recognize the problem and get the importance of making health and lifestyle a hotter topic. I am no athlete and I can certainly understand how taking a bike ride or running a marathon is not for everybody. I say do the simplest things first and try to do it consistently. The wonderful thing about cardio exercise is that the effects are cumulative throughout the day. If the thought of taking a 30 minute walk is unappealing, then start with a ten minute walk and if you can manage that three or even four times a day, you will have the same benefit as having taken one long walk. Over time, you will feel like doing more, because the more you do, the more you feel like doing, and the less you do, the less you feel like doing. In my mind, being active is doing anything that gets you out of the house. Take a class, join a club, start a club, volunteer, etc. Just start by being busy doing something other than eating in front of the TV or at a restaurant. Message me if you need a pep talk!

Liesbeth Leysen, MSc.

4 years ago #29

my pleasure Ren\u00e9e \ud83d\udc1d Cormier!

Randall Burns

4 years ago #28

Great post and great purpose Ren\u00e9e \ud83d\udc1d Cormier

Jerry Fletcher

4 years ago #27

Renee, I believe each of us starts to think about our legacy at some point. Not everyone finds a mission in that reverie. Most just drop the thought like a hot potato and as you've found reach for the butter and sour cream. In my view, a great deal of the problem is that we understand being active and continue that lifestyle only if we enjoy it. My daughter is an Ironman and runs ultra marathons at age 38. I don't run except to catch buses and I never take the bus. My weight doesn't change even though I've looked at every kind of diet you can imagine. My doctors diet advice was "eat less." And then I retook a class on Diabetes and the diet information hit home. I'm eating healthier and lost 4 pounds in two weeks. I think you are on the right track. it takes a combination of diet, exercise and most importantly a mental shift to a less toxic life style to pull it off. I know you would like to convert the town, but age has taught me that a legacy is built one person, plus another, plus another until you have a crowd. Good luck and keep us posted.

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #26

Thanks for the share, !

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #25

It is true that some of us are more predisposed to weight gain than others and sometimes disease is a factor, but more often than not, the majority of obese children are obese because of their diet. Doctors are now finding ten year olds with high blood pressure and fatty livers due to unhealthy lifestyle choices presented by parents who also make unhealthy lifestyle choices. No man, woman or child should be morbidly obese.

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #24

haha...thanks Renee! I know the 'science' somewhat, but bad habits are often learned behavior for no other reason that it makes the parent more comfortable...tsk! #27 Not my buzz, but I'm sure Ren\u00e9e \ud83d\udc1d Cormier: If both parents carry the MC4R (1 in 5,000 individuals carries this risk copy), that makes it even tougher for their kids, but not impossible, hence parents should keep sugar and sweetners (mimics) out of thier diets as long as possible. There's a genetic testing that a lot of people use for disease and ancestry, called It's well rated in the genetics field.

John Rylance

4 years ago #23

Renee, I agree with the principle of what you are saying. BUT! What have learnt over the years is that some children who are obese are so because of medical conditions that result in them being over weight. They and their Parents often suffer from people due to ignorance berating them for what they think is the result of poor diet. It is easy to say the are reasons for obesity but no excuses for it without the full picture. 

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #22

Thank you. I agree with you completely about the parents. Kids don't become obese without having been enabled and neglected to some extent. It is a subtle form of child abuse. It is normal for kids to be hungry after school, but there is no reason to have a cupboard full of high sugar, and high fat snacks. Adding to the problem is that packaged foods are often touted as being healthy and nutritious, but the rarely are. Whatever happened to using apples and carrots as snack food? Kids rarely feel compelled to eat a whole bag of apples, but give them a box of granola bars and they'll eat every one and then search for more. That's because they are formulated to trigger an addictive response. Part of my campaign is about nutritional education. A lot pf people buy things like granola bars, fruit yogurt and fruit leather believing they are healthy alternatives to junk food, but they are really giving their kids junk food in disguise. I could go on all day about that... I'll spare you the pain. LOL

Liesbeth Leysen, MSc.

4 years ago #21

lovely post

Liesbeth Leysen, MSc.

4 years ago #20

soul agree

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #19

Thank you very much Debasish Majumder. You are very kind.

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #18

Oh yes Ren\u00e9e \ud83d\udc1d Cormier, I totally agree with the underlying cause of 'giving in.' Social acceptance and/or pressure helped stop a lot of smoking and other 'anti-social' behavior, but obesity fell through the loop. It's when obese parents make obese children I get mad. Those kids will then run the gaunlet of school & social bullying, making their already poor self-image more ingrained. What you are doing is excellent - love tro hear how it goes!

Debasish Majumder

4 years ago #17

lovely buzz Ren\u00e9e \ud83d\udc1d Cormier! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #16

Paul \, don't you love getting to be all of who you are? I could never do any of what I am doing if I were still married.

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #15

I like beards when kept neat and tidy. No whisker burn. LOL

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #14

For me, all it needs to lead to is a life well spent. People matter to me. Thanks for the support, Harvey Lloyd.

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #13

That's good, Ken Boddie. Don't let your feet get tired. LOL

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #12

That's the whole point. You can't give what you don't have. If you fill yourself with love and self respect, you will have love and respect to give to others. It never resides outside of you and you cannot pull it in from an external source. Love, like joy, doesn't come in a package.

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #11

My thinking, Lisa Vanderburg is that almost nobody becomes overweight without having given themselves permission to do so. At some point when your pants got tight you said, "I don't care", bought a bigger size and got on with your life. Not caring about yourself, no matter how it manifests, is a sign of a broken relationship with your inner being. Whatever your addiction, 99% of the time it starts with the thought of not caring what happens. Everybody knows that heroin is addictive, but some people will still stick needles in their arms. It's not because they love and respect who they are. It's because they don't. Everybody knows that smoking will kill you (and those exposed to it) and give you cancer or COPD, but people still smoke. Somewhere in between believing it won't be your fate, and reality, is a thought that it doesn't matter anyway. That's a very disturbing notion, don't you think?

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #10

Thank you, Preston \ud83d\udc1d Vander Ven. I will check it out.

John Rylance

4 years ago #9

The lyrics of Queen's Its a kind of magic, talk about "The flame that burns inside of me In perfect harmonies" as being a kind of magic. 
I wish you much success with your endeavors, Ren\u00e9e \ud83d\udc1d Cormier, please keep us in the loop as to your progress.

Ken Boddie

4 years ago #7

Way to go, Renée. I’m sure your fight the flab fixation will pay dividends, both for the residents of CK and for you. Incidentally I am also frequently ‘outstanding’ ..... mostly in the garden, but I occasionaly sit down. 🤣

Harvey Lloyd

4 years ago #6

Never liked the word purpose. I like to seek the potential thats right in front of me. Also to help others find their potential. Might lead to famousness, but probably not.

Harvey Lloyd

4 years ago #5

I am very interested in your journey, my hope is that you will share this life coach part of you helping others. Bravo:)

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #4

A noble and honorable endeavor you embark upon Ren\u00e9e \ud83d\udc1d Cormier, and I applaud you for it! Why, though? It's not just America anymore = the entire 1st world seems to be suffering the same malaise. is a 2011 PDF out of UT San Antonio blaming the fast food industry, poverty, lack of time (prep of good nutrition) - all the usual suspects. But, ever since being 'overweight' fell under the politically incorrect address, it has become worse. No - I'm no fattist, I think of all addictions, gaining control over this beast is a monumental and thankless task, so those obese have my empathy for what to do about the dozons of pounds worth of excess skin. But I would love your opinion; is there something much darker than mere motivation?

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #3

Let's see where this road takes me. Meanwhile, ask away!

Graham🐝 Edwards

4 years ago #2

I’m looking forward to the rollout Ren\u00e9e \ud83d\udc1d Cormier . Be prepared for lots of life questions... lol

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #1

Thank you, Paul \. Check out your new profile pic! A beard!

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