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Time keeps on slipping into the.....

Time keeps on slipping, sometimes it slips into the past, sometimes it slips into the future. I was reading Ronnie Bennet's post The Mystery of How Time Slips Away where she talks about time flying away from her. I sometimes feel the same and it bothers me. I have a busy life, like many of you and most of my friends, so I get annoyed when I find that I have lost time. We are, as human beings by nature workers and doers and we need to be productive and be a part of something bigger than yourself. 

The next time you are feeling tired, foggy, and mentally unfocused and you find that time is slipping away, whether it is to the past, as you think about your life, or slipping into the future as you envision what you want to do, take a 5-minute breathing break to flood your brain with more oxygen. Every day you take tens of thousands of breaths and 20% of the oxygen you inhale is used by your brain.

Oxygen is so critical for brain cells that they can live for just a few minutes without it. It may be hard to accept that you aren't breathing "properly," but few people do. Ideally, you should breathe deeply from your diaphragm, not your chest. (Children naturally breathe this way until the constant stress of life retrains them to breathe shallowly.) Breathing helps you gain clarity but it won't make up for the time you have lost and for some this is frustrating. However, if you think of the time lost as the time in-between, the time after an ending and before a beginning then the time lost may not be thought of as a bad thing.  What you are doing could be starting a transition, which could be chaotic. 

However, a transition is a choice. When you get fired, stop practicing law so you can write novels, or hand in your keys to the office, you have made a change, not a transition. A change is an event. A transition is a transformation. Whether or not we are making a change or a transition, we need time to sort life out and sometimes that could mean that time appears to slip away from us. In reality, our mind is aware of what is happening all of the time but it may choose to withhold that information from our conscious mind until we are ready to hear/ Time keeps on slipping, and that could be a good thing for us.

Time keeps on slipping into the.....

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