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Virtual Reality: Who is using it for events?

Virtual Reality: Who is using it for events?CORE PRES]

Mobileye sets a new Guinness World Record at the

There has certainly been a lot of buzz about virtual reality and many have predicted that it will soon be one of the hottest trends in the events industry. I blog regularly for Plan Your Meetings. For a recent blog post, I set out in search of real-world examples of how virtual reality is currently being used. Despite the hype, virtual reality use is still quite limited in the events industry. 

Here is a quick round-up of what I uncovered. Virtual reality is being used for:

  • Presentations: On March 3, 2017, the Guinness World Records for the “Most People Using Virtual Reality Displays” during a presentation was set at YPO EDGE in Vancouver. 1,867 executives participated simultaneously. 

          Check out the video footage on the original blog post.

  • News Conferences
  • Venue Showcases
  • Pop-up Event Marketing
  • Pop-up Venues
  •  Wedding and Event Videos

Check out the details with video examples on Plan Your Meetings Blog by MPI:

For ideas of where to use virtual reality, check out my recent blog post on EventMobi Blog:

Have you experienced virtual reality for events yet? If you have, please stop by and tell us about it.


My company, Executive Oasis International, has just unveiled:

We're excited about the possibilities as this technology emerges. So check it out.

Anne Thornley-Brown is the President of Executive Oasis International, a Toronto team building and management consulting firm. Executive Oasis International has designed and facilitated team building and executive retreats for companies from 18 countries. 
Anne is a popular blogger and she has written for The Huffington Post, Plan Your Meetings by MPI, Event Manager Blog, EventMobi, Cvent, and more.

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