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Volume 21: Mineral Carbonation; Prison for CO2 • Green Energy Usage Is On The Move…Upwards • Painting Our Way To A Global Warming Solution

Volume 21: Mineral Carbonation; Prison for CO2 • Green Energy Usage Is On The Move…Upwards • Painting Our Way To A Global Warming SolutionI3HAND

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Mineral Carbonation: Prison for CO2


COPYRIGHT 2021 JIM MURRAYA lot of the talk these days is about how to reduce the amount of CO2 that is being released into the atmosphere. Well the folks at and Aussie company called Mineral Carbonation International, have developed a process that actually uses CO2 in the creation of building materials. This process, known as mineral carbonization combines CO2 with an abundant rock called serpentinite,

The process of combining these elements can be used to create concrete or wallboard and other materials, all of which have captured the carbon.

According to Carbonation International founder Sophia Hambline Wang…

“This is actually a negative emissions building material – it’s locked away significantly more CO2 than was used to make it. So we’re embedding our emissions into our walls. And there are enough deposits of serpentinite in the world to lock away all of the emissions from fossil fuels that have ever and will ever exist.”

This article on the World Economic Forum, explains the process in detail. https://tinyurl.com/22tvd3x3

This is one of the more interesting ideas I have seen in the area of CO2 reduction. And because of the plentiful supply of both CO2 and serpentinite rock, it should be one of the hottest growth industries in the world, as the new renewable economy takes hold.

Their web site will give you a good idea of just how invested Carbonation International is in their technology. https://www.mineralcarbonation.com/

Green Energy Usage Is On The Move…Upwards

457d4f5a.pngIt’s always good to stop by the World Economic Forum web site and see the amazing collection of articles they post there.

We sit here in North America consuming the hell out of fossil fuels, due to the powerful lobby groups from these industries. But all over the world, governments have taken the bull by the horns and supported an amazing array of sustainable energy projects.

One interesting fact is that 2/3 of all greenhouse gas blanketing the planet comes from energy production. So these initiatives get right to the core of the challenge the world faces.

It’s also quite interesting to note that the countries who are responsible for the most greenhouse gases are those that are the most industrialized and driven by market based economies. This means that companies that may want to convert find the cost of doing so much more difficult, because the expenditure to do this comes right out of their profits and the dividends they pay their investors.

The solution will require a shift in priorities that many of these fossil fuel companies are unwilling to make. This is, in my opinion, a tactical error that will eventually damage or even kill them in the long term, when the amount of fossil fuel burning that will be tolerated becomes too low for their businesses to be profitable.

This is a great article on milestones in green energy. https://tinyurl.com/494r6b5z

Painting Our Way To A Global Warming Solution

One of the best ideas to help people stay comfortable in the heat has traditionally been through the use of white paint which reflects as opposed to absorbing heat from the sun.

Well now the scientists at Purdue University in the US have developed a superwhite paint that reflects 98.1% of the sun’s heat. This is a substantial improvement from the commercial paint which reflect from only 80-90%.

Outdoor tests of the new paint revealed it was the coolest on record, keeping surfaces 19 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than their surrounding surfaces at night, and 8 degrees cooler than surroundings under strong noon sunlight.

This Inside Science article will give you the whole story.https://tinyurl.com/3x5jhny4

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Jim Murray

Jim Murray

5 months ago #2

Funny you should say that, as I was just reading an article on that very thing. Thanks for the suggestion, Jerry. (and so it dun gone)

Jerry Fletcher

Jerry Fletcher

5 months ago #1

Jim, you might want to look into hemp as a building material.

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