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Volume 22: Hemp…The Wonder Plant That Can Save The World’s Bacon • And Speaking of Weeds…How about Laser Weed Control

Volume 22: Hemp…The Wonder Plant That Can Save The World’s Bacon • And Speaking of Weeds…How about Laser Weed ControlI3HAND

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Hemp…The Wonder Plant That Can Save The World’s Bacon


COPYRIGHT 2021 JIM MURRAY saw a quote today that very much indicated a sign of the times we are no living in.

"Lumber has jumped over 180% at retail!! A new house that used to cost $350,000 to build last summer, now costs over $500,000 !!!"

To an ever growing extent these days many areas of the world are feeling the harsh reality of a home building economy based on wood. It’s pretty simple really, as the availability of wood decreases, the cost of it increases.

But there is one building material that is in plentiful supply. It is also renewable with a very short growing season. It is also farmable in many different areas of the world, and as a key element in building it provides good insulation from both heat and cold. And it can also be fabricated in ways that can replace wallboard, lumber, flooring and even some traditional furniture. There's even a hemp bc8f7cc04.pngiofuel.

This material is called hemp. And honestly the more you find out about this amazingly versatile plant the more you will see how the various industries that use it as the basis for the products they create will be the industries to watch as the new economy continues to grow and thrive.

Here are 5 links to sites that demonstrate the amazing utility and versatility of hemp

A furniture company specialized in hemp  https://hempwood.com/

9 Uses For Hemp You Won’t Learn From Mainstream Mediahttps://tinyurl.com/nvczhrkb

8 Reasons Why Building with Hempcrete Makes Practical Sense 

A Hemp Building Block Manufacturerhttps://tinyurl.com/4cj9y55t

A great little ‘All things hemp’ info sitehttps://tinyurl.com/kza6f9j4

And Speaking of Weeds…How about Laser Weed Control

2838d883.pngAll over the world, one of the biggest sources of ground water contamination and soil depletion is the ongoing and relentless use of herbicides.

But scientists in the agro area are now turning their attention to a much safer method of weed control, through laser and infrared light-based technology.

Using light and heat to control weeds, kills the weeds effectively but without adversely affecting soil composition or putting chemicals into the ground that eventually find their way to underground streams or water tables.

Agro-scientists all over the world are working on different approaches to light-based control of weeds. And the technologies available at present are quite wide ranging, from elaborate tractor mounted machines to small hand held infrared light tools.

The bottom line here is, for farmers, increased yields, and for the rest of us, a larger world wide food supply. As the world’s population continues to grow, these two elements of farming will become even more critical than they are today.

Here are a few articles on this subject.




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