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Wanker Of The Week for October 7-13: The World’s Biggest Shithead

Wanker Of The Week for October 7-13: The World’s Biggest ShitheadWanker Of The Week is a new feature from the deep pit of anger that the world has burned into my soul for allowing idiots, con men and miscellaneous other forms of charlatan to rise to positions of importance and or power.

This week’s Wanker is, and we might as well start at the top of the dung heap. Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is officially the greatest con artist the world has ever known. But in all fairness he has been practicing for this all his life and had a lot of help from people like his father Fred, who was no slouch in the con department, and a flaming racist pig to boot, and Roy Cohn, one of the most genuinely evil people in the history of America.

Trump has spent his entire life lying to the world about how much he is worth, starting big businesses based on the Trump name and watching many of them fail…even casinos, which, in America, requires business incompetence on a massive scale.

Then he got into television, with chaotic reality show called The Apprentice, in which semi-famous people and younger business people aspiring to have the Trump version of the American dream got to grovel and kiss his ass every week.

I really believe this is where Trump’s narcissism got the chance to bloom and flower. The show show was all about him. He controlled the lives of these people, held the Sword of Damocles over each of their heads and at the end of every show got to use the two words that became a key part of his brand...You’re Fired!.

After one false start he finally decided to get serious about politics and run for president. And while many argued that his go-for-the-throat approach was somehow refreshing and a challenge to the Washington status quo,

the rest of us saw it for what it was, which was nothing more than bullying and rolling through a political campaign with no respect for either his opponents or the process.

And while it made for great TV. (I was glued to it), the other not-so-good thing it did was begin the long slow degradation of the political process in America.

This was a game that Trump won, through pandering to the worst in the electorate and unabashedly re-positioning both his primary competitors and his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The Republican party itself, who I believe, couldn't not have imagined the success Trump would have, was basically in shock. But when they analyzed the situation, they realized that as weird and ignorant and obscene as Trump was, he had managed to attract a massive political base, and Trump (or at least someone in his organization) was smart enough to understand that even though the party thought of him as a disgusting pig, he could control them though the almost god-like influence he had over his support base.

In any country with genuine democracy in place Trump would have lost this election by more than three million votes. But because the US has this very strange and easy to gerrymander districting and the antiquated electoral college, Trump was still able to win the election, even though he lost the popular vote.

And we all know what happened after that. Slowly and methodically he started to dismantle all the regulations and protections that his democrat predecessor had worked so hard to put in place.

He started to withdraw the US from all the international trade, and other agreements they were participating in.

He started to cozy up to depots in Russia, China and North Korea, thinking that he could win these monsters over with his charm and self-proclaimed ‘great and unmatched wisdom’.

For the past three years, he has continued to divide the US and now, with a new election looming along with an impeachment inquiry that could produce literally dozens of Articles Of Impeachment, the American people are finally starting to wake up to the reality that their president is one of the most ignorant, self-obsessed and destructive individuals they could have elected.

Just this week a poll showed that a solid majority of people have finally realized that they have had enough and want him gone.

I have only skimmed the surface of all the evil shit this guy has done in his pursuit to out-do Valdimir Putin in the key despot category “Abuse of Power”. But I would argue that Trump’s long list of abuses of power also have attached to them the key caveat this was all done under the umbrella of a ‘democratic’ society, which really makes them all the more hideous.

So for all these reasons and the many more that are right around the corner, Herr Trump has earned the dubious moniker of Wanker Of The Week for this week.

7e472cbe.pngJim Murray is an experienced blogger, copywriter and art director and former professional photographer. He has run his own business (Onwords & Upwords), since 1989 after a 20 year career in Toronto as a senior creative person in major Canadian & international advertising agencies. He is specialized in creating communications for businesses working to make a positive difference in the world.

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PD Scullin

2 years ago #12

Well done, Jim. Trump is a constant embarrassment. A hateful human. A turd on two legs. But enough of the compliments...

Robert Cormack

2 years ago #11

I'm just finishing a biography of Ulysses Grant, a good portion of the book being about Radical Republicans who were the force behind The Abolition Act. With the defeat of the Confederacy, Grant gave them lenient terms, believing it served no purpose to destroy the South. Rather than accepting Abolition (which meant blacks had the right to vote), factions (known as the Ku Klux Klan), killed thousands of former slaves (known at that point as Free Men), destroying their churches, and intimidating Radical Republicans in those states. Grant wanted to send in troops, but Democrats in Congress stopped him every chance they could. I'm only giving this little history lesson to show how the Republicans have fallen from noble interests to self-serving ones. What we have now is a complete demoralization of a party, demonstrated by Southerners calling the Republican Party "their party," not realizing, at one time, Republicans were the driving force—and the only force—ending slavery and everything it entailed. I consider this The Great American Irony (including Trump, of course).

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #10


Jim Murray

2 years ago #9

I agree. And am on the record in that regard. But I fear that climate change cannot be controlled until the world is all of one mind on the matter, which it currently is not.

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #8

There is ignorance and rage EVERYWHERE...not just in the US...There is a much deeper issue going on here with the cataclysmic effects of climate change...which will continue for decades even if we were to stop burning fossil fuels tomorrow...The CO2 emissions have exhausted our natural buffering systems and we ALL have contributed to this...So there is no 'moving along without them'...as appealing as that may sound;-) There has been a need for revision of all systems, political and otherwise, and we have reached a crucial point here in our own evolution...and that is to wake up to the physical damage humanity has inflicted on nature that has led to an impoverished eco-system....and that means EVERYBODY...After all, if we are stupid enough to initiate world war three, we may as well get used to the idea of living in caves again.

Jim Murray

2 years ago #7

Don't beat yourself up about this. There is a lot of ignorance and rage in America because the American dream is out of the reach of so many and they know it. Trump was a Hail Mary thrown at the end of the game. This hopefully will pass.

Jim Murray

2 years ago #6

Pascal Derrien...my hope is that next year America chooses democracy. Because if they don't I believe that a lot of the world is prepared to just write them off and move along without them.

Jim Murray

2 years ago #5

I have been watching this from the relative safety of Ontario, which, despite all the Trumpian echoing, is still in one fragile piece, and I cannot help but feel for the people I know and those I call my friends who are being forced to live through this terrible period of history. I keep posting stuff like this for two reasons, 1. To exorcize the demons that this bullshit can create, and 2. Top make sure you kn ow that the world understands what's going on here. Not that I speak for the world or anything close. Phil Friedman

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #4

Smoke and mirrors...Embarrassingly primitive mindset of materialism still murdering people as if life is worthless...All the while remaining completely oblivious to the fact that we ALL have our mouths on the tailpipe. Warfare has been sold as an effective method of 'bolstering an economy' with complete disregard for those living in war zones...Turning a blind eye to their misery and accepting it as collateral damage..Even social media platforms like Face Book have supported this non-sensicle thinking with its 'click bait' consumerism always trying to get you to buy into something...And we have done just that by selling our souls to the devil.

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #3

Democracy vs oligarchy it sounds pretty binary but it seems to be what is at play with my remote lens

Phil Friedman

2 years ago #2

Jim Murray, the absurdity of the current political situation in the U.S. is monumental. The refusal by those on the Trump right to examine the evidence right before their eyes and ears is mind-boggling. It's not about seeking an alternative to the "globalist left" as Don Philpott☘️ seems to have adopted with almost religious fervor. It's about finding a path to survival for representative democracy as a form of government in the world. . MAKE NO MISTAKE, MY FRIENDS, BECAUSE DONALD TRUMP POSES AN ALTERNATIVE TO POLITICS AND PEOPLE YOU DISLIKE OR POLITICAL VIEWS YOU OPPOSE, THAT DOES NOT MAKE HIM YOUR FRIEND. . You don't have to accept the accounts and evaluations of Trump proffered by CNN or the rest of the liberal press to see what he truly is. You need only listen first-hand to what he says and observe first-hand what he does during live coverage. . He is clearly megalomaniacal. He clearly believes that as POTUS, it is not his duty to serve the people of the U.S. but rather his royal right to use them as He sees fit. Trump never speaks of what his administration or his team has accomplished, but only of what He has done. He can't even bring himself to use the royal "WE" only the narcissistic "I" and "Me". He cares not a whit for the U.S. Constitution, nor for our form of government. And clearly thinks he is CEO of the Nation. Continued ... Pt II

Phil Friedman

2 years ago #1

Jim Murray - Part II ... You may (along with Don Philpott) despise Globalism and people like George Soros, who are proponents of what is better termed Corporate Transnationalism. But because Trump is their enemy, that does not make him your friend. Trump is not a Populist or even an anti-elite. HE IS A COUNTER-ELITE. . When Trump opposes the elites of the U.S., it is not for the purpose of eliminating them and their political, social, and economic elitism. IT IS FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF TAKING THEIR PLACE. Witness his pride in his friendships with the despots and dictators of the World: Putin, Kim Jong-un, and others. And his open admiration and friendship for such autocratic leaders evidences his inclination toward a Globalist Dictatorship. . It doesn't matter what others say about Donald Trump. What matters is what he himself says and does in front of the camera and on Twitter, right in front of us all to see and understand -- if we only take the time and make the effort. I am not a praying person, but may God save the Republic!

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