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What team building trends are you seeing for 2018

What team building trends are you seeing for 2018

Almost every year since 2013, my company has released its annual forecast of team building trends. Our latest report is hot off the press!

Just as in previous years, not all trends are positive. Accordingly, we have divided the 2018 list into:

  • Best Practices
  • Pitfalls to Avoid

These are a couple of ours:

1ec939b4.jpgBest Practices

  • Team building that generates revenue
Executive retreats and team building are usually perceived as cost centres. 

This short-sighted mindset deprives organizations of one of the best tools they have to face the challenge of thriving in the midst of turbulence and uncertainty.

  • Team building that transforms corporate culture

b4b1608f.jpgPitfalls to Avoid

  • Danger up ahead
In team building trends for 2017, we cautioned organizations against the use of extreme activities in which there was a significant risk of injury. This was not the first time we sounded the alarm about what is being marketed as "extreme team building". The headlines speak for themselves and our position is unchanged. 

  • Sex scandals

Your Turn

How about weighing in and sharing the trends that you are seeing.

  • What are some hot trends? 
  • Does it really matter whether or not a trend is hot?
  • What are some positive trends that are generating bottom-line value?
  • What foolishness and folly are you seeing that makes you cringe?

Join in the discussion here and in LinkedIn.
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