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Why choose a cybersecurity course in Canada for international students


Canada is among the most popular destinations worldwide for attending college. As of December 2019, the IRCC estimates that there were 642,480 international students at all levels in Canada, reflecting a 13 per cent rise from the preceding year. The opportunities provided ensures a smooth transition and an excellent start for international students. You can check these best traits:

  • Expertise in cybersecurity is in high demand. A recent study by Deloitte suggested that between 2018 and 2021, 5,000 cybersecurity jobs would need to be filled just in Canada.
  • The Canadian government set apart $507.7 million for its latest Strategic Cyber Security Plan over five years beginning in 2018-19 (or $108.8 million a year) during last year's budget.
  • In 2018 Canadian Cyber Security and Cybercrime Survey revealed that 85 per cent of Canadian companies were worried about their potential cybersecurity threats, with 8 per cent of companies displaying intense concern, indicating an hourly need.

How does Kensley deliver a cybersecurity course in Kensley, Canada?

Our phenomenal cyber security curriculum is well equipped with hands-on experience for the students. Here are unique ways to ensure you make the best use of the course at Kensley.

  • Students will perform realistic laboratory activities, case studies and research projects, increase the understanding of the security of their knowledge and enhance their interpersonal, social, organizational and problem-solving skills.
  • The curriculum provides a teaching framework with collaborative classes in order to improve all academic abilities.
  • Additional course lines to emphasize networks, databases and UI analysis.

We are elevated to have one of the best cybersecurity training facilities in Canada, which can make you step close to your dream study. Our two-year advanced diploma in cybersecurity at Kensley ensures providing students with the essential know-how and security to excel in the IT security sector

The core topics of the curriculum include information security, ethics, network administration/analysis, programming and scripting, enterprise processes and database management with regards to computer security courses. Based on these specific subjects, we let the students check their capabilities in assessing the risks, cryptography methods, vulnerability checks, access tests and protection audits as part of the extended curriculum.

For cybersecurity course fees in Kensley, Canada, you can reach out to admissions@

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