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Your 'Learning To Blog On beBee' Info Kit. Use It. Share It. Then Just Do It!

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In the past year I have published over 220 articles on beBee.
A very high percentage of all the people who belong to beBee have published none.
But I have always thought this was a little out of whack. Because I feel there is a vast number of people who want to publish here but just don’t feel they have the skill to write a compelling post. Or even worse, don’t think they can write at all.
If that describes you, read on.
Everybody Who Can Talk Coherently Can Write

I have been a writer since I was 17, which is a hell of a long time. And I have never really had to deal with any sort of mental blocks that would prevent or impede me from writing. So I have been lucky in that regard.
But the one thing that I am told over and over again is that I write very much like I speak. And that’s really the trick.
Everybody has something they want to write about. So if you feel that staring at a blank screen is akin to some form of torture, don’t do that. There are other ways to get your thoughts down.
For example, get a voice recorder and go find a place where it’s quiet and comfortable and tell your story to the recorder. Or use the recorder while you are telling your story to a friend. Or switch on your computer camera and have a chat with yourself.
Then listen to what you have said and transcribe it. You will be surprised at what you end up with. It may not be great, but you’ve gotta walk before you can run.

Read This Advice

The links in this section are to some of the nuts and bolts articles I have written over the past few years about writing in general and blogging in particular.
Read them. There are a lot of good tips in there and they are all things you can do without popping a blood vessel.

Just Remember, You're Not Writing War & Peace.

This is blogging. This is writing to communicate things you know to people who are interested in finding out about them.
The best posts sound like stuff you would hear if you ran into somebody at Starbucks and they wanted to know what you’re up to. It’s like an extended elevator speech or those infomercials you get to give at networking events.
It’s not packed with complex plots, literary devices, metaphor, symbology, angst and irony. It’s just a chat. It’s light and breezy. And it's informative.
Don’t Just Read My Stuff.
Another good way to learn to write decent articles is right here on beBee and on LinkedIn in the works of people like: Phil Friedman, Don 🐝 Kerr  Don 🐝 Kerr Graham🐝 Edwards  Kevin Pashuk  Paul Walters Graham🐝 Edwards Lance 🐝 Scoular Renée 🐝 Cormier  Francisco Lopez Paul Walters Brigette Hyacinth Jerry Fletcher Jeffrey Strickland Lance 🐝 Scoular and a whole bunch more.
These people all write about different stuff, but what they have in common is that they all write in their own voice. And so reading them will provide you with excellent learning into all the different styles of blogging. And this, in turn, can help you find your own voice.
What you want to avoid is reading stuff by a lot of the big time business gurus, many of whom are so called Influencers on LI Pulse.
A lot of these people are good writers, or have good writers ghosting for them, but their writing on Pulse is very formulaic and frankly not the kind of stuff that you will learn much from unless you are looking to dethrone your boss in some megacorp slaveship working environment.

The Most Important Thing Of All

Your first post may suck. You may even get told that. But your next post will get better and so it will go.
I have a client for whom I edit posts, (because I refuse to write anybody’s blog for them), and his stuff was pretty lame when he started. But I explained what I was doing to polish it up. He observed what I did and took it into account and then he watched what I did some more.
It’s now two years, (and not that many posts), later and he’s got it down. In fact, he is pretty damn good. I have practically nothing to do except subheads and posting. And honestly, he started from literally zero.
That’s how it works. But it only works if you make the commitment.
This is a process and as much as I hate the word, a ‘journey’, where you will learn a lot about yourself and be able to share the things you know and feel strongly about with a lot of other people. And the best part of all is that these people, by and large, will appreciate it.
And if you get really good at it, you will eventually find that there are little pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, in terms of engagement, a growing audience, people interested in working with you or hiring you and, most importantly, personal satisfaction.

Fear Is The Mind Killer

This isn’t just about writing. It’s about learning how to communicate with real confidence. It’s about personal growth. It’s about self-motivation. And overcoming any fears you may have about your ability to communicate.
In a nutshell it’s about learning to express yourself in a way that you didn’t think you knew how to. It’s a personal challenge.
And trust me when I tell you that those are the most gratifying challenges to conquer.

Jim Murray is a communication strategist, writer, art director blogger and beBee brand ambassador for Canada. Charlene Norman is a business systems and operational analyst. Their collaboration is called Bullet Proof Consulting, located in St Catharines, Ontario and designed to serve forward thinking businesses in the Niagara and Golden Horseshoe regions of Southern Ontario. Web site coming soon.
You can find out more about us at:  http://tinyurl.com/y9zc9gvx

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Jim Murray

4 years ago #15

Nicole Chardenet. You're probably right. But I always believed that unless you can get somebody to give it a go, they're never gonna know for sure. I think people find out pretty quickly, is this isn't their thing, mostly because they just don't get to love it, which is kinda necessary.

don kerr

4 years ago #14

Jim Murray good advice and thanks for the inclusion.

Jerry Fletcher

4 years ago #13

Thanks Lance. I'll do that again. Been doing it for a while. The drive I house that stuff on only has 1.5 Terrabytes of stuff on it so far.

Lance 🐝 Scoular

4 years ago #12

👥ed 🐝🐝🐤🐳🔥🚲

Lance 🐝 Scoular

4 years ago #11

Jerry Fletcher My simple way on my desktop computer is: 1) with your mouse at the left of the Headline scroll down to the end of the blog OR if you want to save the comments then scroll to the bottom of the page. 2) Right click and select Copy. 3) Open up a Word doc or text file and paste into that page. 4) If you want to keep the reference URL go back and copy the URL and paste it in your text page. I normally put it below the headline. Hope that helps

Jim Murray

4 years ago #10

Thanks to everybody for their comments re the shoutout. You all earned it by writing real good.

Jim Murray

4 years ago #9

Kevin Pashuk. Yeah. We're in a slightly different weather pattern. We've had a bunch of good days so far. Nothing super special, but I was actually in the pool today for a while. Having a pool is mostly about cleaning it. But it's enjoyable work. We're getting enough rain so I haven't really had to water the lawn much at all. I thing you guys get way more lake effect everything than we do. PS Not so quiet here. I'm starting to get really quite busy thanks to Charlene.

Jerry Fletcher

4 years ago #8

Jim, as always, trenchant advice. Thanks for the shout out. Now if I could jsut figure out how to save all this good stuff and have easy access...

Lance 🐝 Scoular

4 years ago #7

Thanks for these nuggets Jim and your mention is much appreciated. In your case, Jim not only is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but also a pot of honey with a hive of honeybees joyfully abuzzing. 🌈🍯🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

Ian Weinberg

4 years ago #6

That's real mentoring Jim Murray Respect! And thanks for the mention.

Paul Walters

4 years ago #5

Jim Murray yhank you Inspiring piece !

Gert Scholtz

4 years ago #4

Jim Murray I think the best part of all the stellar advice you are giving is this: “In a nutshell it’s about learning to express yourself in a way that you didn’t think you knew how to.” It has certainly been, and still is, my writing experience on beBee. Thank you for the mention in your excellent post Jim.

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #3

Thanks for the plug, Jim. I agree with your thoughts around writing. Just get started and keep practicing. Simple language is best.

Graham🐝 Edwards

4 years ago #2

Thanks so much for the shoutout Jim Murray. I am a big fan and have appreciated your mentorship... key writing!!!

Kevin Pashuk

4 years ago #1

Thanks for the wise words (and kind mention) Jim. Sage advice. BTW... Have you had summer yet on the quiet side of the lake? It seems to have escaped us here in Oakville. Happy Canada Day weekend.

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