Ammar Abu Haieh

Ammar Abu Haieh

Mississauga, Ontario

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About me:

A seasoned executive business and technology leader, possessing 15+ years of rich experience in providing strategic technology direction to the business, commanding planning and execution of technology projects as well as implementation of the ground-breaking technology.

Veteran of business transformation, specializing in business processes reengineering, ERP implementation. Providing strategic consultancy in software development/selection, hardware management, system analysis, design, planning & implementation across public & private sectors including oil & gas, manufacturing, general trading, banking, media & telecom.

Known for driving program benefits and project performance metrics by establishing roadmap and PMO best practices. Versatile Technology Consultant with proven track record in leading all phases of Project Life Cycle, ensuring integrity and delivery of multiple projects with respect to time, budget, scope, change, risk and resources in the most challenging environments.


Bachelor' Degre in Computer information system CIS 


Freelance Technology Advisory                                                                                                                  September 2017 – Present


Working on a project based and available as per clients, agents, and contractor needs.

Key Projects:

§  ZL Technovation, Burlington ON

Implementing health patients integration profile archiving system, application and information model include interface. 

§  The Phoenix Group Canada, Mississauga ON

Installing and programing credit cards devices and integrated with Oracle accounting module and points of sales.

§  All Canadian Couriers, Mississauga, ON

Documenting as-is ERP process and re-engineer in compare to best practice via present the stockholders with gap analysis document the pain points and to-be process and procedures.  

§  Premier Candle Manufactory, Mississauga ON

Implementing CRM application and integrated with ERP and production system for controlling and monitoring the suppliers as well clients inquires and orders.

§  SBS Expedited Services LTD, Mississauga ON

Developing in-house warehouse stock management system and integrated with finical module, BI and CRM

§  Adam Logistics LTD, Mississauga ON

Architecture database layers and define e-services entities, designing chart of accounts, budgeting and payroll to insure staff schedule monitor and time sheets hourly paid on time and approved budget.

§  Avery Human Resources, Mississauga ON

Implementing employees profile archiving system, accounting application and HR model include payroll. 



Technology Integration Consultant                                                                                            January 2014 – July 2017

RDRC for Food & Beverage Co., Amman, Jordan



§  Successfully delivered deliver mission-critical projects. Served as bottom-line contributor who analyzes/ refurbish processes, initiates changes, and optimizes operations.


Key Responsibilities:

§  Providing strategic advisory support in establishing organization’s technical vision, aligning IT goals Vs business goals, designing & implementing IT frameworks & leading all aspects of organization’s technological development.

§  Developing and implementing technical infrastructure and business application to support strategic business growth & evolving needs of client Enterprise. Facilitating implementation of technology products, servers, networks, points of sale, ERP, policies and procedures.

§  Providing IT strategy consultancy, aligning IT vision and objectives with business goals and strategy, enabling organizations/ businesses gain competitive advantage by optimizing current investments & technology architecture.

§  Preparing and monitoring contracts, ensuring effective execution of services to meet defined SLAs with technology vendors and systems integrators.


IT Manager& Acting ERP Manager                                                                                                                       July 2011 - July 2013

Eastern Province Cement Company (EPCCO), KSA

EPCCO is one of the major cement Plant in Saudi Arabia with a capacity of 12000 Tons/Day Cement productions.



§  Commanded all operations related to Main Data Center in Head Office, IT-Factory, as well the DDR site. Reported to the General Manager.

§  Drove ERP automations & enhancements, implementation of best practice architecture and frameworks.



Key Responsibilities:

§  Steered the organization's technological direction including planning, implementing and maintaining the best practices, IT policies & procedures that align with all corporate functions.

§  Ensuring optimal technical operations by overseeing all aspects of IT, including System Analysis & design, corporate project management, application development, infrastructure management, change management, transformation as well as facilitated and managed the support for all working systems-Help Desk operations.

§  Administered system study/ “As is” status of systems in terms of Software, Hardware and Business Processes. Conducted requirement analysis: prioritize, organize, specify and model requirements, defined assumptions/constraints, verified & validated requirements.

§  Developed plans for business-driven IT and application development, defined the “as is” status and the targeted goals along with roadmap for accomplishing short\long term project objectives.

§  Leveraged IT vision & broad competencies in project management to provide solutions for straightforward/ complex projects, established scope, delivering on schedule, budget with unrivaled quality & service.

Key Projects to Credit:

§  ERP Software Selection (Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle, SAP): Develop and run full ERP selection exercise from RFI and RFP to invite main vendors for doing their assessment and define partners to do the implementation.

§  Office 365:  Implemented Hybrid Email System using Office 365 Cloud + On-Premise Exchange Servers. Migration of End-Users Mailbox to online Cloud.  Email Archiving and Retention Policy.

§  Oracle Exadata: Supplied & configured Exadata Database Server. Migrated PROD database to Exadata. Implemented parallel concurrent Application Servers for ERP and Data Guard.

§  VCE Vblock: Supplied and configured unified hardware for servers and storage. Physical servers to virtual migration. Supplied and configured backup system including software and hardware. Implemented storage replication to DR.

§  Network: Designed and implemented network upgrade for HO & Plant. Installed and layout of cabling and other network passive components. Installed & configured network switches, wireless AP/routers and security Firewalls.

§  ERP Upgrade/ Replace: Evaluated and implemented ERP based on existing Oracle EBS 11i ERP System. Migrated all ERP modules and setup new module requirements.

§  GFI & MCAFEE Upgrade: Fine-tuning and health check for McAfee End-Point Security and GFI LandGuard vulnerability and patch management system. Ensured company's compliant for software licenses and establish Support Agreement from Local partner.

§  Citrix Gateway: Supplied and implemented internet link and application load balancer for high-availability connection and distributed application services to improve application delivery for internal and external users.

§  EPCCO Website Re-Implementation:  Redesigned EPCCO website. Provided fully dynamic CMS design and bilingual (EN/AR) website. Flexible website layout with support for desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

§  DMIS Upgrade: Evaluated & implemented Dispatch Mgmt. system for current weigh bridge & cement loading system.

§  EPCCO SharePoint Portal: Developed in-house intranet portal system via MS SharePoint database which we are using to archive data, used as a common location for information storage and access, basic collaboration tool to collaborate on documentation, links, business work flows, and other shared information. Successfully automated paper works/ manual procedures through our portal with complete workflows as well integrated ERP/other systems in use. 2012

§  ISO 29001 /API Spec Q1 & API Spec 10 A: Developed IT policies & procedures to apply ISO certification and automate all templates and workflow on SharePoint portal.


Senior Technology Advisory/Senior IT Consultant                                                                                                   March 1999 - May 2011

Deloitte, Qatar-Lebanon-Jordan

Joined the organization as Senior Internal IT Service Advisory, moved on upward career trajectories, to merit promotion to the position of Senior Technology Consultant

Designation Chronology:

§  July 2008  –  May 2011: Senior Technology Advisory, Deloitte. M.E.

§  March 1999 –June 2008: Senior Internal IT Service Advisory, Deloitte. M.E.



§  In 2007 Deloitte offered me to join Deloitte Consulting as I become over qualified for internal service. It was a rewarding challenge, gained rich experience in handling a key clients and projects in ME and work in cooperation with major technology vendors. This enabled me acquire deeper understanding of business perceptive more than technical.

§  Served as Senior Technology Integration Advisory at Amman office, which is a hub for consulting service in Middle East. Reported to the Technology Partner In-Charge of internal information services for Deloitte ME. July 1999 – May 2007-Implemented and applied Deloitte technology standards to build the infrastructure in Beirut-head office as a pilot station. After successful completion, the same project was implemented in all branches in cooperation and supervision of Deloitte center of excellence in London and under Deloitte worldwide agreements with key technology players in world such as IBM, HP, DELL, CISCO, Oracle, SAP, and Deloitte in-house applications related to internal functions and services such as Audit, Tax, Risk, Management Consulting, Policies and Procedures, HR and Accounting.

§  As Senior IT Advisory - Head Office, managed 22 offices/ branches across Middle East. Reported to main Deloitte IT center in US from March 1999 – June 2008.    


Key Responsibilities:

§  Dexterously managed program of projects to achieve business goals by fostering innovation, prioritizing IT initiatives, and coordinating the evaluation, information technology assessment and gap analysis deployment and management of current and future IT systems for high-end Deloitte clients as well as Internal Deloitte IT service.

§  Aided in achieving operational efficiencies, cost optimization and transparency by defining an IT shared services operating model, designing IT transformation model/ plan/ template, establishing IT and Information Security policies & procedures as well as facilitating Data Centre & Data Retention Enhancement.

§  Subject matter expert in establishing and managing governance, transformation, change management, projects, as-is assessment as well as KPI’s.

§  Exhibited expertise in IT and ERP Process Design & Re-Engineer, assessed ERP Applications and recommended enhancement plan and implementation.


Key Projects to Credit:

§  Design and Implement Microsoft Dynamics AX

Client: Al-Jazeera Network (10 Avenues), Doha-Qatar

Description: IT Assessment, Review Current Process, Design Chart of Accounts, Implementing Finance, Procurement, HR, Work Flow, Develop ‘’to be’’, Implementation Assistance, IT Governance, and Change Control.

§  Dynamics AX Review

Client: Diwan Amire (Public Sector) , Doha-Qatar.

Description: Financial Department assessment and recommend an ERP solution design.

§  IT Review & ERP Software Selection ((Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle, SAP)

Client: Qatar & Bahrain Causeway Foundation, Qatar & Bahrain

Description: Project Plan, IT& Management Processes, IT Review & ERP Software Selection & Foundation.

§  IT Review & ERP Software Selection ((Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle, SAP)

Client: WARED 3PL Logistics, KSA-Jeddah (Merger of Bin Laden logistics with Al-Zahid logistics) 

Description: IT Assessment, Review Current Process, Policies and Procedures. Develop ‘’to be’’, Implementation Assistance IT Governance, and Change Control, Re-Engineer Process, Develop Policies & Procedures, KPI's, CFS's, RACI, IT Assessment for 2 Data Centre in Jeddah & London with 6 SBU's.

§  Design Operating Model for Sharing Services & Provide Policies & Procedures

Client: Aspire Zone Foundation (22 Avenues), Qatar

Description: IT Assessment, Review Current Process, Policies and Procedures. Develop ‘’to be’’, Implementation Assistance IT Governance, and Change Control, IT Manuals, Sharing Services Operating Model.

§  Client facing a challenge to convert the services to e-government transactions in different functions and business lines in compatible with KSA-YASSER.

Client: Ministry of Economy and Planning, Riyadh-KSA

Description: Detailed articulation of the Baseline Architecture for the purpose of developing MOEP’s e-Government Transformation Strategic Plan and Design “To-Be”.

Deloitte has chosen to adopt The Service enabled Business Agility (SEBA™) as the framework for the production, use and maintenance of its e-Government Transformation Strategic Plan.

§  Design and Implement IT Shared Services & Security Policies & Procedures

Client: Al-Alfia Holding (6 Avenues), Doha-Qatar.

Description: IT Assessment, Review Current Process, Design Process, Implementing Security Policies and Procedures, Procurement, HR, Work Flow, Develop ‘’to be’’, Implementation Assistance, IT Governance, and Change Control.

§  Process Review

Client: Ooredoo international, Doha-Qatar.

Description: Review current Finance, Strategy, Operations, Legal & HR, ‘’to be’’ and Implementation Assistance.

§  Accounting, Control & Reporting

Client: Qatar Building Company, Doha-Qatar.

Description: Design & Implementation of a Comprehensive Project Accounting, Control & Reporting System/Function for Qatar.

§  Policies and Procedures Manual’s

Client: Al-Neama Holding (General Trading) , Doha-Qatar.

Description: Design and Develop Processes, Organization Structure/Functional Chart, OD & HR Manual.

§  IT Review

Client: Nasser Bin Abdulla & Sons (General Trading & Mercedes Cars Dealer), Doha-Qatar.

Description: IT Department/ Financial System Assessment & IT Direction.

§  PPM Selection

Client: Qatar Petroleum-QP (Oils & Gas), Doha-Qatar.

Description: Evaluated leading project portfolio management (PPM) vendors.

§  Budgeting System Manual

Client: Qatar Trading Company (General Trading), Doha-Qatar.

Description: Design and implementation of Budgeting System Manual.

§  As-is, Gap Analysis and IT Policies and Procedures

Client: Amwal - Shuaa Capital (Portfolio Management), Doha-Qatar and Kuwait.

Description: Documentation of IT Policies & Procedures Manual & High level Gap Analysis.


Previous Professional Experiences:

§  July 1997 - November 1998: System Analyst & Programmer, Ali Bin Ali Est.  Oracle Partner, Doha-Qatar.

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