Ernest Wesley Cantave

LaSalle, Montréal

This professional is in active search of jobs

About me:

Hello, my name is Ernest, I am currently searching for a remote position that will allow me to exercise my computer skills and to keep my knowledge up to date to satisfy employer and their customers.


Regarding my academic background, I have taken several computer training courses including an AEC in website-oriented programming and several other secondary post courses in computer graphics, graphic designer and video game design. And these training allowed me to familiarize myself with computers to be able to meet the needs of employers and clients.


Concerning my work experience, I have worked in a number of IT roles, such as Computer Graphics, Graphic Designer, Online Promoter, Monitoring and Technical Support, Search Engine Evaluator, and Web Designer. My different jobs have taught me to care about the quality of a product or service before submitting it to a customer and this is an important asset in customer service. My different employment experiences have also developed my ability to communicate virtually (via the Internet: chat, email, social networks) with clients.

What kind of projects is Ernest Wesley Cantave looking for?

I am searching for a permanent remote position as a data entry clerk or a remote logo designer. 

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