Engineering / Architecture


About me:

Experienced Instrumentation Engineer


• Provided accurate and in-depth engineering, procurement, optimization and evaluation on control valve and other instruments
• Trouble-shot control valve and other instrumentation related design and operating problems
• Whole plant control valve and control loop reviews and optimization
• Performance vs. cost review for new and revamping projects: looking at up to 20% saving while maintaining or improving performance
• Fast and error-free preliminary or detail instrumentation engineering
• Inter-disciplinary reviews over process, instrumentation, metallurgy, piping and electrical
• Commissioning and start-up consultation for new and revamping projects
• Plant operating and maintenance strategy (inventory control; smart diagnostic practical implementation)
• Customized engineered and supplied 4000+ modulating control valve and automated isolation control valves, measurement instruments and safety relief valves.
• High client satisfaction rate on Responsiveness, Knowledge and Quickness
• 25+ years top-of-the-line instrumentation engineering expertise
• Served industries: Oil and gas, refinery, chemical and petrochemical, power generation, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, mining, steel industry and OEM
• In-depth technical advantages during negotiations with clients and suppliers
• Strong multi-disciplinary expertise including Instrumentation & Control, Process, Metallurgy, Piping and Electrical
• Expertise on control valve related aerodynamic and hydrodynamic noise attenuation, cavitation, flashing and outgassing protection and slurry/dirty erosive fluid control
• Expertise on steam desuperheating and steam conditioning applications and equipment
• Knowledge of ASME/ANSI, API, CSA, ABSA, IEC, MSS, NACE Standards and suppliers’ manufacturing procedures


East China University of Science and Technology

BSc in Refinery Process and Automation

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