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Big Things Have Small Beginnings Reviewed By Norm Goldman

Big Things Have Small Beginnings is the outcome of Wesley Berry's many years of experience providing consulting services to over forty businesses while simultaneously establishing his retail franchise system that operated thirty units in five states.




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In 1995 Berry understood the impact of the Internet on business practices and consequently led him to create several brands, including Flower Delivery Express- a sixty million dollar business servicing millions of customers in over one hundred and fifty countries. After a forty-year business career, Berry in  2016 divested himself of all of his business interests and retired.

Using the power of inspirational tales, Berry hammers home his business philosophy which basically boils down to business success means spending a great deal more time and energy on little things rather than neglecting them or as he succinctly states: “when you take care of the little stuff, the big stuff has a real nice way of taking care of itself.” And he informs his readers that his motivation for writing the book is primarily to help you enjoy the same passion and same success that he has experienced.

After a brief introduction and a preview of what to expect from the book, Berry begins the first section with an examination of the playing field of the world of business and explores the meaning of ambition. He informs his readers that the trick is to have just the right amount of enthusiasm. According to Berry, ambition is a mighty sword, and appreciably so when a person of integrity wields it. Nonetheless, he cautions that if you have too little of it, nothing gets done and on the other hand too much of it, you are going to be constantly discontent.

From here Berry goes onto exploring the American business climate reminding his readers that because of the Internet, and of the ease and fluidity of global multinational commerce, competition has broadened itself and is not merely within the USA anymore. The last part of the first section deals with self-questioning as to why you are in a particular business, what keeps you in it, what do you hope to accomplish, what made you decide to make your living from a specific product or service, and how are you going to play the game?

In the second section of the book, Berry deals with the challenges of leadership. It is here where he discusses the principles of reachable goals, objectives and targets and their importance. And as he states, the bottom line of the discussion is that you can't hope that things are going to unfold as you want them by accident. Other topics dealt with in this section concern time management, your working tools, listening and learning from others and controlling the battlefield.

The third section devotes considerable ink to the famous essay authored by Elbert Hubbard in 1899 entitled, A Message to Garcia. In the article, Hubbard recounts the daring venture of an American soldier, 1st Lt. Andrew S. Rowan before the Spanish-American War where he was called upon by President William McKinley to deliver a message to Gen. Calixto Garcia, leader of the Cuban insurgents somewhere in the mountains of Cuba. Without any hesitation or further explanation, Rowan takes up the task, finds Garcia and delivers the message. Berry has used the essay as a great tool in finding employees with great attitude and plenty of initiative. Every successful business person will tell you that one of the keys to operating a successful business is recognizing talent and retaining talent. Berry shows his readers how to know a “Rowan” when you see one, how to manage him or her and how to keep him or her.

No doubt, many of the principles concerning successful business people and businesses that Berry explores are quite familiar. What he succeeds in doing is offering sound advice and a rational approach that provides profound insights that will inspire any reader to think creatively and individually, without being constricted by limited resources. Although, you may never have a chance to meet Wesley Berry physically, nonetheless, here is your opportunity to meet him another way and that his through this insightful book.


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