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  • Jim Murray

    Bad News For The White Bigots

    First of all, let me preface this piece by telling you that I am a white guy. But I am also a Canadian white guy and have honestly never rea ...

    3 hours ago · 4 min. reading time · 5 comments · 2 relevants

  • Nick Mlatchkov

    Thinking Big

    Thinking Big is often at the core of creating BIG celebrities w/o any substance in the background. Look at the names taking almost all of th ...

    23 hours ago · 1 min. reading time · 0 comments · 2 relevants

  • Jim Murray

    The Idiot Class

    Since Donald Trump’s election to president, or perhaps a little before that, there was a class of Americans that nobody defined. · These wer ...

    3 days ago · 2 min. reading time · 3 comments · 2 relevants

  • Levan Johnson

    Finding Your Next Big Thing

    Have you ever considered that life is really just a series of changes that we go through? Many of these changes or phases are set off by our ...

    4 days ago · 2 min. reading time · 1 comment · 5 relevants

  • Sarah Cohen

    Spice Up Your Love Life!

    Do you remember when you first fell in love how you would make love for two hours relishing in the exploration of each other’s bodies? Then, ...

    4 days ago · 2 min. reading time · 0 comments · 2 relevants

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