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Hands of Control

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CityVP Manjit

Ali Anani Phd posted an intriguing question which I first came across moments ago on LinkedIn

The premise of the post is shown below :

By trying to conserve the system (stabilize it)
through negative feedback loops you end up
breaking it rather than conserving it).

If you hold a half lemon firmly in your hand
you may squash it rather than conserving it.

Same with thoughts, beliefs assumptions if
one tries to hold them tightly. Holding them
too firmly may break them

Ali Anani, PhD

My first reaction to this was that negative feedback in the heart of an open minded person is very different from negative feedback in the hands of a controlling person or :


Why this speaks to me so much is that when that lemon is in my hand, I am constantly squeezing the juice out of it.  When that lemon is in the hands of Ali Anani Phd, he too is constantly finding ways of squeezing out that nutritional juice.

The picture speaks a thousand words to me because of the idea of "holding lemons".  This idea of being handed a lemon is illustrated in a Paris Review article about divorce

In the following You-Tube video, people talk about the lemons life has given them and how they change that negative into lemonade - the key here is that these people are not running away from the negative but turning something good out of it.

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CityVP Manjit

1 year ago #4

Good to back on beBee, had you not inspired me with your LinkedIn post, I would still be trying to perfect my one man band as I try to formulate a new local club in Mississauga I am calling Business Masters Alliance

CityVP Manjit

1 year ago #3

John, one thing we need to juggle is ageism. This virus is exposing that and the more society remains in denial of that, the greater the risk there is to younger people. There was a key change to how the virus reacted in Italy, where 25% of the people who died from this virus were not from older age segments. The following CityLabs article illustrates that the problem of ageism is also in the hands of people who are on the receiving end of it, for the simple reason that people who are 50 to 60 no longer see themselves as "old". We have the lost the reverence for elders and that is a boomer mentality at work, the very generation whose focus on creating a youth culture gave birth to ageism in the first place !

CityVP Manjit

1 year ago #2

Thanks for introducing me to RTI perspectives Harvey. We do need to spend more time on studying strategies of intervention rather than merely highlight why we want to avoid controlling personalities. An RTI mindset I can see helps us discern where we need to intervene to enable people or show them the root to their own power and where we can intervene in a way where we apply strategies that have proven effective in dealing with controlling personalities,, The problem with our society is that it is difficult to develop a compassion for toxic attitudes, if toxic attitudes are perceived as mechanisms of how to get ahead in our society, in a world where leadership make sense, toxic attitudes would increasingly be seen as a disability. That toxic responses serve an advantage for people in the world is testimony as to how much more we have to evolve as a society. The virus still in leadership means RTI is not a vaccine but it is a step in the right direction in how best we deal with toxic cultures. No matter how bad we recognize this virus is, maybe there is a silver-lining now it has arrived.

CityVP Manjit

1 year ago #1

That is why I am currently interested in the work Jeffrey Pffefer is doing in acknowledging the importance of understanding power. That is an important part of the freedom DNA of control. For sure self-control and discipline are where we are in control, the irony is that we think of people who try to understand Power as Machiavellian. That is an unfortunate way of looking at this in a society where understanding power was exactly what Malcolm X was prescribing in his Oxford University Debate speech

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