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“Has the world gone absolutely stark raving mad???! (or is it just ME?)"​- Part 2

“Has the world gone absolutely stark raving mad???! (or is it just ME?)"​- Part 2

   Note; This article originally published here on Dec. 5, 2020

It's easier to fool people
than to convince them
that they have been fooled.


Mark Twain

 Well it has been a furious journey of studying, researching, and “cramming”, (more than I’ve ever done for any final exam while I was still going to school, seriously), since I posted my first article on SARS-CoV-2, way back on Oct. 8, (wow does time ever fly when you’re having fun), and while my later articles, (5 so far and a podcast), became more “sensational” with more conjecture and less “scientific method” I’m hoping that this one will return to the more sober road of proper analysis and objective perspectives. I must say that I have learned quite a bit. A revelation that I had some time ago that just proves itself more and more as the years pass is;

   “The older that I get the more I realize what I DON’T know”

   Having said that I openly admit that I’m NOT “the sharpest knife in the drawer’, nor am I an expert, but I’m learning every day, I know how to research and I have some very smart friends/contacts with the knowledge and intelligence to help me navigate my way through this quagmire.

 Admittedly this is a stressful, fearful and emotional time for EVERYONE. Having said that I must emphasize that each one of us is ultimately responsible for our own “salvation”, our own sanity, our own “health” and well-being, knowledge is power and removes fear. (This revelation is from a podcast that I just finished listening to with Dr. Ian Weinberg being interviewed by Nicci Robertson; I will expand on this shortly with a link to this excellent discussion). The best advice that I can give to anyone is to be proactive, do the research, ask the experts that you know. I have accumulated quite a cache of information, documentation, articles, etc. I will emphasize again don’t take my word for anything but feel free to delve into any of the material that I have listed at the end of this article, (and in all of my other articles). Trust me that you will feel better about finding answers to all of the questions that you have, that I have, that everyone has.

It's for your own good!”


 (All of the documentation for the following points can be found in my previous articles along with the sources section of this post, along with “further reading” in same section. The point is that the “scientific method” has been totally abandoned, there is far too much evidence that contradicts the “main stream” dialogue and rhetoric, the conclusions being drawn and broadcast are unproven, irresponsible, dangerous and very harmful. There is overwhelming evidence to support my questioning the validity of these outlandish claims).

  All of the statistics and information being used to tell us about the COVID19 situation is ALL based on the PCR test. This test is FLAWED, and not applicable nor appropriate for diagnosing whether someone is actually sick with the disease. The proponents of the “COVID Pandemic” are building a “House of Cards” using the PCR test as its cornerstone/keystone. The problem is that this card is a Joker and as soon as one realizes that the structure completely falls apart. Bear in mind that someone is making billions, (literally), of dollars off of the test kits, and even more will be made off of the “vaccine”. Until someone can actually present me with the scientific data and PROOF that there is a “pandemic” I will continue to maintain and argue that there is not.

  I work at a lodge, (2,000 rooms), in a remote location with T.V.s throughout, the lobbies, dining areas, lounges, etc. All of them tuned to CNN, Fox News, Global News, etc. and ALL day long all we hear about is the “pandemic”. What’s really frustrating is that for the last 4 weeks we have been breaking records of COVID cases daily, (all across Canada). (Apparently…) It was a couple of days ago that I saw, on the news, that Ontario has been breaking records for testing as well. Of course they are going to be breaking records for “positives” when they are testing more than ever with a FLAWED testing system. (Does no one else see the connection?). I would really like to know how many of those people are actually sick??? Here’s Elon Musk’s experience with the test. He had 4 tests in the same day, the same nurse, same lab. 2 were positive and 2 were negative. He was neither sick nor symptomatic;


  (There are numerous other examples and scientific data to support dismissing the PCR test altogether in the “Sources”)

  Here’s something to think about; how and why are our cases supposedly increasing so dramatically when the protocols and restrictions being put into place are also increasing? Something is not working and/or something is not right. Think about it. I can tell you that our number of positives are NOT going to decrease because they are using a flawed and inappropriate test, and are just going to keep testing more and more. So what’s next? More severe lockdowns and protocols? Curfews? Martial Law? (As extreme as you think that last query is I will expand upon that later).

  The extreme measures being taken by our governments are totally out of control, there is NO science to support their actions. We are having an average Flu season, there is NO proof of a “pandemic” but the damage being done, against our wills and contrary to our rights and freedoms, is causing far more destruction than the flu ever did or will. We are being bombarded daily, a campaign is being waged against us which is wreaking havoc with us emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, (which all manifests itself with us physically, we are getting sicker from the stress than from any flu), and FINANCIALLY!, (I will elaborate on this point later), and what people don’t seem to understand is that it is highly ILLEGAL.

  The Virus;

  I read this article recently by Dr. Mike Yeadon, and while I have a lot of similar research/data compiled that corroborates what he says, this particular article is quite comprehensive with an abundance of information all together in just this one post. I will be referring to it extensively although I would suggest that you read it entirely, it is fascinating and eye-opening.


    “…It’s ridiculous because while SARS-CoV-2 is indeed novel, coronaviruses are not. There’s no such thing as an ‘ancestor-less virus’. You will recall at least two, then-novel coronaviruses in the recent past: SARS in 2003 and MERS in 2012 (Zhu et al, 2020). While they didn’t spread worldwide, they are very similar, both at a sequence level and at a structural level, to SARS-CoV-2.

  But there’s much more than these infamous coronaviruses. For reasons I don’t understand, given the significance of what I’m about to tell you, none of the so-called medical correspondents and science journalists on radio and TV have ever (as far as I know) spoken of the four, endemic, common-cold inducing coronaviruses. It’s well understood by clinicians and scientists who’ve spent any time reading the scientific literature that at least four coronaviruses circulate freely in UK and elsewhere where they’ve been studied. They have names: OC43, HKU1, 229E and NL63 (Zhu et al, 2020). They were first discovered around 55 years ago and, since they are seasonal (for reasons that are not completely understood), some researchers track their annual arrival and departure. Incidentally, because of the spike protein, which is unique to coronaviruses, but largely shared across the family, any PCR test reliant on primers to the sequences encoding the spike protein might well cross-react and pick up and detect as SARS-CoV-2 anyone having a coronavirus common cold at the time of sampling (see Cepheid Innovation Technical Datasheet). These four coronaviruses are but a handful of the literally scores of respiratory viruses which, together, cause between a quarter and a third of what we call the common cold (Gupta, 2020).

  I would like to interject here to add a comment. Did you note what Dr. Yeadon said about the PCR test detecting other corona viruses besides COVID-19? (I go into more elaboration in my other articles but all the PCR test needs to come back positive is a piece, a fragment a literal crumb of a viral rna, not even a viable virus, and it does not tell if a person is sick or infectious). Here’s 2 links to articles stating “Alberta has Zero Influenza cases”, Nov. 13, and Nov.26,(we are in the middle of flu season). This is just one of dozens of news reports reporting the same thing. Do I have to connect the dots for you or can you make the connection? (It would be a damn miracle if we actually had no Flu cases in Alberta at the moment).



 “ Symptoms of infection with any of these endemic coronaviruses cause the constellation of symptoms you’d expect if you get an upper respiratory tract infection, or a cold. Some people get really minor, if any symptoms at all. Some get really heavy colds and it takes a couple of weeks before you throw them off. Regrettably, a few elderly and already ill people die after what in younger, more healthy people, causes no more than a cold.

  It is my belief and that of multiple, top quality research groups around the world, that many individuals who’ve been infected by one or more of these endemic, common-cold producing coronaviruses in the past, have a long-lived and robust immunity, not only to those viruses, but to closely related viruses. SARS-CoV-2 is one such closely-related virus. Note the similarity of some of these viruses: SARS-CoV-2 is 80% identical to SARS at the gene level and the fusion subunit of all these common cold coronaviruses has high identity to the equivalent sequence of SARS-CoV-2 (Zhu et al, 2020). In researching this specific information, I came across scientists on discussion boards. One of them, responding to emerging data that immunologists were discovering SAR-CoV-2 reactive T-cells in patients never exposed to the virus, speculated that varying exposure and immunity to common cold coronaviruses might play a role in defining susceptibility to the novel virus. My insight is not new. What surprises me is that no one advising the government has done anything with this information.

    Where does the evidence lead us? SAGE argues that the pandemic has only just begun. This is, of course, palpable nonsense. Even lay people can tell this is a very odd claim. It’s just a respiratory virus. Yes, it’s new, but other than it is apparently a little greater in its lethality than the average seasonal influenzas, it is not more lethal than is flu in its worst years. And like all prior respiratory viruses, they arrive, many become unwell and sadly, some die, generally those of advanced or very advanced age and already chronically ill – and then it fades away.”

  The Vaccine;

  Why the incredible push for this “wonder vaccine”??? We’ve never had a push or rush like this before. Something is not making sense…. It’s not adding up…

  I’ve asked many professionals this question of how long does it actually take to develop a vaccine with a common answer of “2 years”. Yet here we are less than a year out from the pandemic declaration and they’re rolling out the “new vaccine” by the Billions. (Does that raise any “red flags” for anyone or is it just me?)

  Here’s some more from Dr. Yeadon, same article;

  As an experienced life scientist, I would have predicted that before any experiments had been done those who’d been infected by any of those common cold-causing coronaviruses would now be carrying a level of resistance – let us call it immunity – to infection by closely-related viruses. At the heart of things, this is because that’s the way the incredible molecular machinery that is the innate and adaptive immune system works. To not expect such cross-over is, I submit, once again to demonstrate the lack of the requisite understanding to build a model reliable enough to use. I’m not going to try to detail all the evidence, though it’s there in the references in my earlier, detailed article (Yeadon et al, 2020) for anyone who wants to examine it. In short, multiple research groups across Europe and the US have shown that no less than 20% and no more than 80% (clustering around 30%) of the population had robust responses of T-cells in their blood to SARS-CoV-2 BEFORE the virus reached their countries. More recently still, a fantastic piece of research in one of the top two leading research journals, Science, was published that explains how so many people had prior immunity to SARS-CoV-2, even though their immune systems had never seen that particular, novel virus (Mateus et al, 2020). At its heart, this latest piece of work used a series of pieces of common cold coronaviruses to see if they would activate those T-cells. They did. And the pieces that were best at doing this are the very same pieces of shared structure that each of them has in common with SARS-CoV-2. I like to explain it by saying: “No, those people had never met SARS-CoV-2 before, but they had tangled with several of its cousins, and prevailed.” Their immune systems will never forget those encounters. This, again, is how it works. There isn’t any substantial doubt about this.

  Did you catch that? His OPINION, (although I would take his opinion over any newscaster  or government official I see these days), states that possibly 30% of people are already immune before being exposed.

  “There is no question that this is relevant. The nature of the responses was similar to the type of responses seen in people who had, some years before, been vaccinated and then challenged with  whatever was in the vaccine. A study was conducted to see if immunity persisted. It has separately been shown that a group of people who’d been infected by SARS in to around 2003 still had robust T-cell responses to that virus 17 years later (Le Bert et al, 2020). Magically, the same people who had recovered from SARS – 17 years ago – also possessed T-cell immunoreactivity against the novel virus, which their bodies had never seen. This is in the other, top two science journal, Nature. This isn’t even a surprise to people with my training. It’s understood that, though there are several lines of defence in the immune system, such as innate immunity, antibodies and T-cells, it is T-cells which are of central importance in responses to respiratory viruses. Viruses harm you by gaining access to the inside of your cells. They are then beyond the reach of antibodies, which are very large molecules which cannot get inside cells. Your body copes by recognizing viral infection is a very specific way and T-cells are at the very heart of that defence mechanism.

   I recognize some people will still express doubts about the claim that a significant minority of people had – and continue to have – prior immunity to SARS-CoV-2. However, I am completely sure that any scientist with good knowledge of the human immune system and of our responses to respiratory viruses will agree “this data is important”. If I put it the other way around and instead ask: “Given these findings, by leading clinical immunologists around the world, who independently have obtained the same findings, do you think its safe for us to ignore it and assume no one has resistance to the virus?” They would reply with a flat: “No.”

  I believe I have provided more than adequate evidence that a significant proportion (30%) of the population went into 2020 armed with T-cells capable of defending them against SAR-CoV-2, even though they had never seen the virus. This is because they’d been previously infected by one of more common cold-producing coronaviruses. SAGE was naively wrong to assume “everyone was susceptible”.

    I will jump ahead to one of his final paragraphs; (I would suggest again that you read the entire article);

  “No Need For a Vaccine

  There is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines. You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from a disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects. This much I know after 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Yet there are such moves afoot. One thought piece suggests that anyone who refuses vaccination should be subject to indefinite house arrest (Mello et al, 2020). In some countries, there is talk of “no jab, no job”. There have even been job adverts for openings in NHS Wales for people to “oversee the vaccination of the entire population”. Any such proposals are not only completely unnecessary but if done using any kind of coercion at all, illegal. I would completely understand and would consider accepting early use of a vaccine only if done with fully informed consent and, even then, only if offered to the most vulnerable in our community. Other proposals have, to me, the whiff of evil about them and I will oppose them as vigorously as I have followed the pandemic so far.”

  Here’s something interesting, it’s a study that was done on July 7, 2020 by Yale University and is the U.S. National Library of Medicine. I thought it was a “marketing” experiment but honestly it looks more like coercion. They are studying the best way to influence a population to take a vaccine, either through shame, guilt, intimidation, etc. Check it out. But what popped the red flag up in my head was that they were already preparing for the vaccine rollout then? This has been in “the works” for a while; this has been planned and thought out.


  I received a bit of an alarming email yesterday, (Dec. 3), from doctor friend of mine, it reads;

“Just received this:

The Pfizer covid vaccine is approved in the UK and begins next week.

What Pfizer has NOT provided:

The ingredients, the results data, an independently peer-reviewed study.

To save you from reading the 120-page study design, here's the summary:

· The vaccine has NOT been tested on children, pregnant women, people taking medications and individuals with comorbidities. (Yet the plan is for all of the above to receive the vaccine)

· Pfizer doesn’t plan to release the results data for independent scrutiny for another 2 years

· Pfizer did not assess vaccine reactions in all 43,000 participants (just a random subset of 8000)

· Pfizer only needs to report severe reactions that occurred in more than 2% (860 people). In other words, if 850 people suffered a severe immune reaction, they did not have to report it because it occurred in less than 2%. But those lives don't matter, I guess.

· Pfizer will not submit the study for peer-review until they’ve completed their analysis of safety data. Let that sink in – the vaccine is approved and they have not finished analysing the data!


  Here’s a question; would you buy a car or fly on a commercial jet that was produced by a company that has been totally indemnified of any responsibility or liability for the products safety? How would you feel about being forced, with NO choice, to get onto that air craft?

       I have another friend, who is a doctor as well, and he had COVID-19, and he has recovered. He is quite concerned about the vaccine, (and while I’m concerned for a variety of reasons which I will cover here is my friends concern), and I quote;

  “It’s a big concern. I have antibodies coded in my memory T cells. If you create new antigens in the cell membrane of millions of my cells, it is theoretically possible to unleash a cytokine storm – then I’m seriously f#$%*d.”

  Obviously I had to look up cytokine storm , check it out. It is frightening and the expletive that my friend uses is very apropos as I used the same word while reading about this. The vaccine is a high risk to anyone who has the antibodies/T-cells, it could very well be lethal.

  OK, so Dr. Yeadon believes that 30% of us are already immune, having antibodies though it is possible there is more, (and probably growing daily), and they are talking about making the vaccine MANDATORY??? For Everyone? Understand that anyone with antibodies and/or functional T-cells could react very adversely to a specific vaccine. And that is only one issue of many that I see….

   This is an experimental and untested vaccine, it could kill everyone. After reading as much as I have I’m quite confident in my own immune system, but I’m wondering if I’ll actually be given a choice.

  Here’s a direct quote from Dr. Ian Weinberg that was posted on LinkedIn today, (Dec.5);

"Some sobering figures - US data 

Deaths from flu average out to 60k per annum; deaths from pneumonia average out to 50k per annum in adults alone - there may be some overlap with these 2 conditions

Deaths from diabetes per annum averages out at 280k!!

Hospital admissions for flu in 2015 season were 710k (H3N2 influenza)

A visit to the CDC website makes all these conditions Covid deaths if they were PCR positive. But we know that only 15% of PCR positives have viable transmissible virus - rest are viral genetic debris. The mortality rate for Covid is 1 in 200 = .5%

We still have not differentiated how many souls have died FROM the virus or WITH the virus!

Pandemic? What pandemic?

And the vaccine ... inadequately tested; can’t be given to pregnant women and children; only seems to provide antibodies for 3 months!! Re-vaccination every 3 months? And what about those who’ve had Covid and have confirmed antibodies - vaccinate them too?

Anyone else concerned about how our reality has been manipulated and distorted and livelihoods lost?"

  Here’s a short video I came across today, (Dec. 4), that aired yesterday, it’s Major General Dany Fortin explaining the Canadian Military's role in the distribution of the vaccine, (by Pfizer), in the coming weeks and months here in Canada...


  Really? The military are stepping in to distribute the vaccine? Why is the military in charge of the vaccine??? (Remember my initial question of “Martial Law”?)

2 + 2 = 5

  Let’s just step back and look at the whole picture for a minute. I had an insight while finishing this. If I were to write a paper/dissertation or thesis for a degree based on the concept of a “pandemic” with the data that I have, and I submitted it, I would be laughed right out of University and back to Grade 10 Science class where I would get a great big “F”. And I would be sent to summer school to take the course of “How to write a paper/thesis based on the Scientific Method”. We are being told that “2 + 2 = 5”, things really don’t add up. Try writing a paper/thesis on that and see how far you get…

  The Reality;

-         “Public health” I have a friend that we do have intelligent discussions regarding the situation, his concern is for “Public Health”, which I applaud him for, considering that I don’t believe that there is a pandemic and that we are having a normal flu season the health toll on our society, globally, has been catastrophic. Suicides are up to 80% over last year in many countries, people who are actually sick and need help aren’t getting it, many dying. The mental health issues associated with the stress and unrelenting “fear mongering” is incalculable. The entire emotional/psychological aspects manifest to make us physically ill, (this point covered brilliantly in the podcast with Dr. Ian Weinberg, link coming up shortly).I believe that we are being manipulated and maneuvered; to where? Who knows? Even if there was a pandemic it would not do as much damage as what is going on right now!

-          “Financial” The “Middle Class” is being systematically and methodically eradicated/demolished and it’s making everyone vulnerable. Our government is hastily and recklessly throwing money at a problem that doesn’t need it because it doesn’t exist making our national economy vulnerable. When the debtors come calling they will show no mercy and when the dust settles there will be a very, very, few very, very, very, rich people and a planet population with nothing.

-         “Legal” While there is much discussion about our personal rights, freedoms and laws that are guaranteed to us through our Charter of Rights, Constitution, etc. that are being blatantly infringed upon another contact of mine, Joyce Bowen, has pointed out that a “Mandatory Vaccine” is contrary to the Nuremberg Code and is in direct violation of our Human Rights, (I agree with her). Here is a recent article by her pointing this out. I will list her other articles of interest in the “Sources” section;


          As Joyce states “This will be the biggest experiment ever done on the human species”. The “Nuremberg Code” has set up International Laws for very specific and important reasons; to prevent atrocities to mankind, (like what was witnessed in WW2). Mandatory vaccines are in direct violation of these laws and if allowed to happen will be an atrocity unparalleled in human history. (Do you think I’m being dramatic? Stop and think about it for a few minutes, review the Nuremberg Code and the reasons why it was brought into law). I will repeat myself and relay a quote that I used in a previous article;

  “Those that do not know, or understand, or have forgotten our history are doomed to repeat it”

          Here is a link to a video by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich who is launching a class action lawsuit for crimes relating to the actions taken regarding the “pandemic”. This video is very insightful and informative;


   During my research I had disappeared down some very deep and very dark rabbit holes. I must say that this article has taken many twists, turns and detours. It was listening to this podcast by Nicci Robertson interviewing Dr. Ian Weinberg on this topic that helped bring me back into the sunlight. Ian is a good friend and has generously advised and informed me throughout all of my articles, (he’s one of those “intelligent” guys I keep talking about). A very important point that is made in this positive podcast is that it really is up to each one of us personally to take control of our own lives. If you have questions do the research. Become proactive, it is a healthy way of dealing with this situation.


  Nicci also interviewed me regarding my first article. If anyone is interested here’s the link for that;


  I remember an insightful question that Nicci did ask me and at the time I really didn’t have an answer for her, I have pondered it quite a bit since then, she asked me;

  “I don’t know what is worse, the fact that some people are trying to take advantage of us or that we are just sitting by and letting them do it?”

  I have to say Nicci that I guess it’s Human nature, (for some anyway), to try and see what they can get away with, and if they get away with it they will just push the boundaries that much more. Like the protocols being forced on us now, the more they infringe on our rights and freedoms, and get away with it, the more they will push.  It really is up to “us” to stop it, so in answer to your question it’s worse that we just sit by and do nothing. I will repeat another quote from a previous article. This one is courtesy of Albert Einstein;

  “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing”

     I must say that I really did appreciate the message that you and Ian sent in your podcast, I had the epiphany that it is difficult, if not impossible for us to accomplish anything we want collectively until we’ve accomplished what we need personally.

  In closing I would just like to say that my stand on this has created some waves, some say ‘controversy”, (I’m not creating anything, The controversy is already there, I’m just shining a light on it), I have alienated some contacts and even some friends but as I said to one of them, “I have to call it like I see it”. I’m constant in that all I’m asking is for someone to show me the science to prove the point; to prove that there is a “Pandemic”. I’m as game as the next person for a lively debate but please have the common courtesy to do some research, review my material and sources and then maybe we can talk. For those of you that have a problem with me questioning authority, or more accurately questioning “The Authorities”, well that’s your issue and there’s no point in going down that futile road of banter, I’m sure that any Communist leader would be very happy to welcome you into their society.


  So I have to ask again;

  “Has the world gone absolutely stark raving mad???! (Or is it just ME?)"

  (P.S. Yes the title picture is from my first COVID article but I just couldn’t find a better one; deal with it)


  “Happy Cooking Everyone!”


  “Sources and Further Reading”;

  Articles, (on topic), by Randy Burns, (each with complete “Sources” section)






Articles, (on topic), by Dr. Ian Weinberg can be found here;



Articles by Joyce Bowen


 My contact Zacharias Voulgaris has compiled a virtual library of documentation on this topic; the files can be reviewed here;


More from Dr. Mike Yeadon



  David Cullen/Computing Forever YouTube library, (The first link is for an excellent video that really puts things into perspective



  Various Articles;

 Here's Alberta's premiere speaking about “The Great Reset”





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