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On Canada's 150th Birthday

Here's my thoughts on what my country means to me. I hope you feel your country, whatever it may be, means as much to you.

On Canada’s
150th Birthday

I was born and raised in this country.
You might say that, by reason of
my age, I grew up right along with it.
I didn't think about Canada very
much when I was young. Kids don't

do that.

I only really started thinking
seriously about it after JFK was
assassinated in ‘63.

I distinctly remember wondering,
how can a country that can produce
people like him, Bob Dylan, Pete
Seeger and Marlon Brando to name
but a few, assassinate one of their
true visionaries?

Many of us Canadians have tended
to judge our country in contrast to
the US because as cultures, we have
many things in common.

But as the years have gone by the
differences between these countries
have grown more pronounced.

The US has become sharply
divided along many fronts, while
Canada, worts and all, grown more
aligned as a nation.

I no longer judge Canada in
contrast to the US, because as I have
grown, and have gotten to see a good
deal of this country, what I find are
a whole lot stand-up people, caring
people, people from everywhere on
earth who, like me, believe that they
are living the most awesome country
on the planet.

But more importantly, people who
are, through their everyday actions
and their humanity, bound and
determined to keep Canada that way.

So I am proud to be part of this
awesome country, and hope we can
stay awesome for another 150 years.

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CityVP Manjit

4 years ago #1

Yes, the core is what you say "people who are through their everyday actions and their humanity determined to keep Canada that way" which is why I look at an educator I know who got dished out the UN-Canadian way. Such is this moment I could only express my sense of injustice in a piece called "Ripped Education" https://www.bebee.com/producer/@cityvp/ripped-education Ultimately this experience did make me think of the experience of being a Canadian and when is it that we actually are?

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