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About me:



I'm Chad Clark, professional photographer, automotive and outdoor enthusiast.

I'm open and honest, driven to be my best self, and grow throughout the process.

I love meeting new people and combining quality customer service alongside humble human relations, is something I stand by.


I was introduced to driving at the age of 7, sitting on my grandmother’s lap & steering our way across her hayfield.

A moment that very well could have formed my passion & motivation to get behind the wheel of anything & everything I could get my hands on.

I was lucky enough to have quads and dirt bikes growing up so transitioning to cars & trucks was easily achievable with practice.

My first experience driving manual was an old plow trunk at the age of 14, followed by a variety of cars after attaining my fully graduated Class 5 License 7 years ago.

I’ve driven a Chevy Silverado for most of my life in almost all conditions. Performing in pressure situations including parking, pulling, backing up large trailers, all while maintaining a clean driving record.


My post secondary education has included completing the Architectural design program with SAIT in 2019.  

My most recent full-time work consisted of cell-phone tower inspections across Alberta along with drafting and design, for a telecommunications company (Roehampton), this involved driving various vehicles.

I also have a great deal of job experience in the service, labor, and office Industries.


Performing under pressure or in extreme conditions, is something I work through patience & confidence.

With my professional experience, I would be a great addition to your team of Amazon Delivery Drivers.    

I look forward to connecting with you soon.


All the best,

Chad Clark


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