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Fred Mir

Fred Mir

Engineer & Manager
Toronto, Ontario


About Fred Mir:

Please accept this letter as my application for this position. I am extremely interested in joining any company where I can contribute to its focus on engineering innovation and education. My experience in academia and industry, and my strong work ethic would be an ideal fit to your dynamic and vibrant working environment.

During the last four years, I have been working on antenna miniaturization, wideband, in-building (blade) and array antennas for satellite, mobile communication and public security. I have worked on researching, designing, prototyping, testing, tuning, system integration and finally training the production team for mass production. Project management, people management, and working on collaborative projects are some parts of my responsibilities. To achieve organizational objectives, I developed partnerships with universities and companies in Canada and China specifically for cost reduced production. For instance, to implement remote electrical tilting (RET) system, I performed a cost-based study and business acumen and finally, I leveraged partnership with a company in China.  Moreover, doing a comprehensive research for a new product and giving technical advice for the best solution with minimum cost to the management team is another part of my work resulting in 5 new products including 2 indoor low-profile high-performance antennas and 1 transportation metamaterial antenna released to the market. I have advanced level experience in working with different electromagnetics and microwave CAD tools including HFSS, CST, TEMS and Cloud RF. 

I have gained a vast amount of experience throughout my educational and prior work experience. For plasma radar cross section project I worked in a team of professional engineers and researchers from DND/DRDC. My role as a research engineer was to analyze the impact of plasma layer on electromagnetic waves for object cloaking. I designed, fabricated and integrated microwave and radio systems for plasma RCS measurements, and wrote three computer programs using VBScript, C++ and MATLAB for automated data acquisition/ analysis and to implement a novel method of computational electromagnetics as evidenced by 5 published papers and $150,000.00 in lab grant. I also have expert level experience in working with vector network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, anechoic chamber measurements and many other lab instruments. I taught more than 14 engineering courses and supervised students in research projects. I also worked on low-profile antenna design and fabrication for MIMO systems and used different modeling and simulation tools including CST-MWS and ADS.

I worked at Ericsson as radio access network design team lead. I supervised and managed different wireless network design teams with strong leadership and relationship building skills in a fast-paced project environment to design, integrate and launch wireless networks for mobile communication in 2 provinces as demonstrated by verification and optimization of more than 500 base stations with net worth of $56.7 MM and having a record of 31 base station installation per month in the project region. I had to work independently while conducting collaborative work with other departments including civil and mechanical engineering teams and site surveying. I worked on project planning and assigning tasks to each team or team members based on quarterly, monthly and weekly targets of the projects for base station antenna design and installation, radio systems integration, verification, quality assurance, and cellular network tuning and optimization. I worked with different standards and protocols including GSM, WiMax, LTE and IP-based networks and technologies like VoIP and VoLTE. I also worked as technical instructor at Ericsson and taught many courses including wireless cellular network design and optimization to technical and non-technical people. I trained more than 250 engineers in telecommunications field. I also worked on developing course materials and curriculum.


During my four-year employment as RF/Microwave Design engineer at Aerospace Center, I worked on designing, fabricating and testing of array antennas, planar antennas, highly directional and wideband antennas including horn and reflector antennas, and system integration for radar and telecommunication systems. I designed and developed Ku/Ka band feed chain and phase shifters utilized in radar systems. I also worked on optical telecommunication components and systems including relief surface gratings utilized as multiplexers and de-multiplexers. 

I worked for 2 years as university lecturer. I trained multiple classes on subjects like: electronics, digital circuits, microprocessors, embedded systems, numerical analysis, electromagnetics, antenna, wireless networks, microwaves and RF circuits. I designed, developed, and maintained several classroom and online courses during each semester. I supervised numerous and diverse students of all ages and academic backgrounds, and applied effective training modules including: the creation of presentations and power point documents. Advising and consulting on academic and professional futures was part of my job. I implemented various creative methods using new technologies in order to enhance the learning experiences of the students and conducted and contributed college staff meetings. 

No matter where I have been, I have produced topnotch work because I am dedicated to making sure each and every piece stands out from the crowd. I pride myself on my ability to recognize and articulate a distinct voice for every project. Time management and project completion are two things that I feel very strongly about. It did not just develop through my professional experience. It also comes from my fast learning and hard-working ability.

My extensive professional experience as an engineer and researcher can benefit virtually any employer, and I believe what you are asking for and what I can deliver sound like a match. I am looking for a position where my contributions count and my efforts are appreciated. I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss my background and to show you some of the competencies that I have developed. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Farid Mirhosseini


  • Strong project management and cross-functional collaboration skills with expertise in designing, developing, and testing, antennas, RF/microwave circuits and systems architecture, wireless/cellular radio access networks, and satellite communication systems resulting in more than 10 antenna products, 2 TDR/FDR concrete sensors and 1 satellite transceiver for Iridium Certus (Next Generation).
  • Research and data analysis with strong comprehension about current industry trends and business acumen as evidenced by 6 scientific papers and 2 novel high-gain miniaturized antennas.
  • Proven track record of combining vision, strong academic/industry knowledge and links in industry and academia.


Senior R&D RF/Antenna Engineer                                     Skytrac Systems Ltd., Ottawa, ON / Sept. 2020- Present

  • Leadership skills and leading RF team resulting in design and development of 3 antennas, power amplifier and one front-end RF transceiver module for Iridium satellite.
  • Knowledgeable in the entire project lifecycle and procedures and involving in different project phases including SRR, PDR, CDR, TRR and PRR.
  • Designed, developed, and documented comprehensive test plans for Iridium Certus products.
  • Coordinated and participated in system level testing activities including test planning, execution, and reporting.
  • Performed setup of test scenarios and troubleshooting as needed. 

Senior R&D RF/Antenna Engineer                          Giatec Technologies Inc., Ottawa, ON / Aug. 2019- Sept. 2020

  • Product & market knowledge and expertise in designing, simulating, and prototyping miniaturized low-profile antennas for Bluetooth and LoRa networks resulting in 1 new concrete smart sensors. 
  • Research and data analysis skills and experience in designing and testing TDR/FDR sensors for concrete maturity measurements resulting in 1 new FDR/TDR concrete sensors.

R&D RF/Antenna Engineer                                              Sinclair Technologies, Aurora, ON / Oct. 2017-Aug. 2019

  • Project management skills and expertise in cross-functional collaboration resulting in 5 antenna products launched to the market. 
  • Risk mitigation skills and experience doing root cause analysis and DFMEA for developing new products (NPI) and overall system specs resulting in on-time completion of six projects.
  • Research and data analysis skills and expertise in designing, simulating, and prototyping wideband cross-polarized phased array antennas, miniaturized wideband indoor antennas, high-power phase shifter, power dividers, couplers, combiners and RF/Microwave matching circuits for GSM, LTE, Tetra networks, base stations, DAS and embedded antenna systems.
  • Technical literacy and proficiency in antenna testing, pattern measurements, wideband impedance matching methods, PIM and noise figure analysis, and EMC/EMI.
  • Training skills and experience training production team for mass and offshore production.

R&D RF Antenna Engineer                                       University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB / Nov. 2016-Oct. 2017

  • Research and analysis skills with expertise in designing, prototyping, and testing antennas resulting in two miniaturized multi-layer microstrip and wideband metamaterial antennas for satellite communications.
  • Excellent leadership skills and experience supervising 6 researchers and preparing grant proposals resulting in 3 technical reports and $250,000 in lab grant funding.

Research & Teaching Assistant                    University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB / May 2011- Sep. 2016                             

  • Virtual cross-functional collaboration skills with experience in plasma radar cross section resulting in completion of the project funded by Defense Research and Development Canada (DND/DRDC).
  • Research and data analysis skills and proficiency in RF/microwave system architecture, designing and testing   plasma RCS systems using VNA, spectrum analyzers, signal generators resulting in 5 scientific publications and $150,000 in research grant funding.
  • Technical literacy and experience in developing software resulting in 3 computer programs using VBS, C++ and MATLAB for automated data capturing and simulation of EM wave interaction with complex media.
  • Teaching assistant for more than 14 courses and skillful in teaching, tutoring and advising students with diverse background in the classroom, lab sessions and projects.

Wireless System Architect                                                                   Ericsson, Tehran, Iran / Mar. 2008- Apr. 2011                   

  • Strong leadership skills and experience supervising radio and transmission network team to design, integrate and optimize wireless networks resulting in more than 500 mobile base stations (RBS/BTS) rolled out.
  • Technical literacy and proficient practical knowledge of wireless network technologies including GSM, WiMax, LTE, VoIP, VoLTE, 3GPP, ETSI, FCC and IEEE, testing and optimization techniques resulting in performing coverage/traffic tests, network performance test, optimized QoS parameters and finalized DVT and KPI reports for base stations.

Technical Instructor (Company Trainer)                                             Ericsson, Tehran, Iran/ Jan. 2006-Mar. 2008

  • Training/virtual training skills and experience training more than 250 engineers in telecommunications field.
  • Designed course schedules and/or packages for the customers and provided consultation services to mobile network operators, government, organizations and businesses.
  • Worked on committees concerned with matters such as budgets, curriculum, and diploma requirements.

RF/Microwave Design Engineer                                         Aerospace Research Center (Iran) / Oct. 2002- Jan. 2006

  • Project and risk management skills and experience architecting and testing RF/Microwave circuits, high power amplifier (HPA), low noise amplifier and phased array antenna.
  • Proficiency and working experience in RF/microwave and antenna simulation software including ADS, CST and Altium resulting in release of new products including 2 array antennas, 1 low noise amplifier (LNA) and 2 high power amplifiers (HPA).


  • Antenna Design and Beamforming Techniques (Planar, Non-Planar, Phased Array, UWB, Metamaterial)
  • Antenna Measurement, Testing and Tuning
  • Antenna Modelling, Simulation Techniques & Software (FDTD, FEM, MoM, PDE, CST-MWS, 

HFSS, ADS Momentum)

  • RF/Wireless Architecture and Systems Design
  • PCB layout Software (Altium)
  • LNA and HPA designing, prototyping and testing
  • RF/MW Hardware, Design Fabrication, Testing and Debugging
  • RF/Microwave Experimental Methods (up to 50 GHz)
  • Integrated Optics and Optical Communications
  • Optical Signal Processing
  • Wireless Radio Network Protocols (GSM, WiMAX, WCDMA, LTE)
  • Cellular/Wireless Network Design, Integration, Optimization and Maintenance


University of New Brunswick                                                                                                           

Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering (Electromagnetics and Antennas)

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad                                                                                           

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Optical Communication Systems and Signal Processing)

Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)                                                           

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication Engineering)


ADS, Altium, Assembly (x86), C++, CloudRF, CST-MWS, FORTRAN, HFSS, MATLAB, Microsoft Office, Microwave Office, PSpice, TEMS, Verilog, VBS, Visio, Jira, Confluence.



University of New Brunswick                                                                                                           

Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering (Electromagnetics and Antennas)

  • Graduated with honors
  • Recipient of NSERC/DND Research Fund in 2012
  • Thesis title: “Plasma and Dielectric Barrier Discharge Actuator Radar Cross Section”

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad                                                                                           

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Optical Communication Systems and Signal Processing)

  • Thesis title: “Design and Fabrication of Surface Relief Diffraction Gratings”   

Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)                                                           

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication Engineering)

  • Thesis title: “Design and Fabrication of Signal Generator using PC and Assembly Programming” 

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