Michael Menshikov

Whitehorse, Yukon

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About me:

Hello, I am looking for a job in Canada with work visa sponsorship. I am an electronics and FPGA engineer, a microcontroller and PC programmer.


ITMO University (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Master's degree

Major: Optoelectronic devices and systems

Graduation thesis: Liquid Optoelectronic Refractometer.


I'm using Verilog/SystemVerilog hardware description language (HDL) and Quartus IDE for FPGA, and C programming language for microcontrollers. I have experience with NIOS, STM32, XMOS, NXP, AVR microcontrollers. I can write programs with a graphic user interface (GUI) for Windows in C# and for Linux Ubuntu or Raspberry PI in Qt/C++.

I have experience with Ethernet (UDP/IP, ARP, GOOSE/GSE) protocols, USB 3.0/2.0 controllers (Cypress FX3/FX2, FTDI), DSP (FIR, CIC, FFT, correlation processing, PSK modulation), CAN and CANopen protocols, PCI, MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC 429, UART, ModBus, I2C, SPI, SerDes LVDS, NOR flash, SDRAM controllers, radar systems, asynchronous, stepper and servo motors, ultrasonic phased arrays, nondestructive testing systems (NDT), spark cutting CNC machines.

I can create, route and solder electronic circuits. I am familiar with P-CAD and Altium Designer programs.

I'm always interested in learning new technologies, new programs and new fields of knowledge independently that are needed for work.

Recently I have been working on my projects alone, but I also enjoy working with a team.

My main achievements are:

  • a prototype of a mechanical radar system. I have created programs for FPGA, microcontrollers and computer, and some electronic circuits. I emitted and received phase manipulated signals. I have implemented a vector control algorithm for asynchronous motors using a Sin-Cos encoder and PWM, and I have depicted radiolocation images with MatLab;
  • a prototype of an ultrasonic phased array system. I have developed FPGA design, a microcontroller program and a debug program for PC. I formed an ultrasonic beam and calculated a synthetic aperture, but it was only a 32-element linear array of transducers;
  • an experience with XMOS multicore processor that has a specific architecture that can replace FPGA in some tasks;
  • a spark cutting 4-axis multipass CNC machine. I have developed a circuit design, FPGA and microcontroller programs, and a user interface for Linux that is compatible with Raspberry PI and x86.

My majors in Canadian are NOC 2133, NOC 2147, NOC 2173.

Social Networks

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/papayaved/

What kind of projects is Michael Menshikov looking for?

I am looking for any job in Canada to get Canadian work experience. It can be not only a programmer or an engineer job. I can work as a technician.


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