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10 months ago

How Mental Health is a Part of Our Personalities

Frank Michelin · Defining who a person is by the state of their mental health isn’t the best thing to do. However, one’s personality is tied to the risk of certain mental health concerns. · In research by King’s College London, researchers found that an accurate personality test can tell a lot mo ...

2 years ago

Cranky Old man

Royce Shook · Not my story, but it is a wonderful story. However, it is not true, but many wish it to be true. So I searched for the original and it and the story behind the poem are after the poem called Cranky Old Man.  Here is the version I read. · When an old man died in the geriatric ward ...

3 years ago

Obstacles to Independence

Royce Shook · There are a number of obstacles that can interfere with a persons desire to remain independent autonomous and to have self-determination · 1. Money · Money tops the list in terms of obstacles to staying independent. If you don’t have enough then you could become dependent on oth ...

4 years ago

A Message About Mental Health & Positivism

Jim Murray · Christine Camirand is a lovely lady I have known for more than 25 years, when we worked together at a place called the Long Group in Toronto. · Today is the Bell declared “Let’s Talk” Day (about Mental Health). · In keeping with that, Christine wrote this particularly moving piec ...

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