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1 week ago


Jim Murray · Sometime in the spring of this year, I started a new screenplay. It was about a young man named Jeremy Sand, who invented an AI program to get this masters at · MIT. This program turned out to have amazing potential as a business tool. · But Jeremy’s foundational notes were stol ...

4 months ago

Hard Lessons I Learned from a High-Paying Job in Tech

Mubtasim Fuad · On the first day, I felt like a clown amongst Houdini magicians. · They were so damn good. They were polished as hell. And geez could they Powerpoint like nobody’s business. Compared to me, what they did was death-defying magic. · My friend recommended me for the job. They worked ...

6 months ago

Post from Jeff Friesen

Jeff Friesen · Hey, if you like tech, join my Tech Talk group on beBee. · Tech Talk · Post anything to do with technology. Do you love AI? Do algo ... · https://ca.bebee.com/hive/tech-talk ·  

9 months ago

How AI Can Boost Productivity

Dr. Christopher Zed · Despite the circumstances of the past year, the artificial intelligence market is expected to keep growing. The latest figures show a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.1%, meaning global revenues will exceed $300 billion in 2024. · There are many theories and spe ...

11 months ago

How Machine Learning Can Improve Everyday Lives | Dr. Christopher Zed

Dr. Christopher Zed · Machine learning (ML) and big data have become buzzwords lately. The concept that an algorithm can take in massive amounts of data, understand it, put it into groups, and detect patterns is a game-changer for many industries because predictive algorithms will be able to anticipat ...

1 year ago

The Future of AI In Healthcare

Dr. Christopher Zed · With technology rapidly getting better, it’s no wonder that many try to look at how it will impact various industries going forward, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence. To the uninitiated, AI might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie that could potentially ...

2 years ago

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning | Hot Cloud Storage

stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador · AI/ML projects are poised for takeoff, do you have cost-effective data storage supporting you? · Artificial intelligence (AI) is the concept of training computers to perform tasks as well as or better than humans can.  · Machine learning (ML) is essentially a type of AI that uses ...

2 years ago

What Kind Of World Do You Want?

Jim Murray · This is not a world of corporations or governments or things. It’s a world of living, breathing creatures, including all of us. · I have been thinking a lot about this for the past couple of years, and one of the things that I have concluded is that even though we are all created ...

3 years ago

There is a reason why they call it work...

Graham🐝 Edwards · work [wərk] NOUN: activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. · The past couple of weeks have had me a "little" busy (as well as a little sick), and during all of it I was reminded about the definition of work — that sometimes it isn ...

3 years ago

Amazing Ways Human Resources Can Use Artificial Intelligence

Renée 🐝 Cormier · Artificial intelligence is changing so many areas of business. It may seem surreal and even unnecessary to non-techies, but trust us when we tell you that AI is quickly going to be as essential to the work you do as your laptop is. Understanding what powers artificial intelligenc ...

4 years ago

The Real Perils of Robots.

Robert Cormack · We should worry less about losing our jobs and more about becoming their pets. · “I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I’m rooting for the machines,” Claude Shannon · To hear Stephen Hawking tell it, we’re in a lot of trouble. Our biological e ...

4 years ago

Truth as a Perfect Thing

CityVP Manjit · Chasing truth as a perfect thing for a global human end is a fools errand but programming truth for an automated perfection is perfectly within the realm of artificial intelligence. It isn't just truth tables that machines can operate and if we want perfect truth, it exists in pe ...

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