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1 month ago

It’s a Mindset of Celebration!

John Whitehead · How do you recognize, reward, and celebrate your team? You? · It’s a mindset of celebration! This week’s vlog explores how you can do this on a regular basis. · Let me know what you think. · John K Whitehead & Associates coaches individuals and organizations in becoming more effe ...

2 years ago

Leadership and How to Avoid the “That’s How We Do Things Here” Mindset

Jim Taggart · Let’s go back in time (not too far) to re-visit an excellent business piece on corporate culture and change. That’s the Way We (Used to) Do Things Around Here from Strategy+Business was co-authored by three experts with diverse backgrounds: · Jeffrey Schwartz is a research psychi ...

4 years ago

Fine-tune Your MINDSET!

Charlene Norman · This post is specifically for the new entrepreneurs in the crowd plus any of the “other guys” who might be feeling a bit sluggish lately in the mojo department. It will take 40 minutes out of your day – less if you fast forward to the 16:00 mark. It is a podcast interview, so I e ...

5 years ago

Statistical Thinking

CityVP Manjit · It is difficult enough to be bamboozled by statistics and left empty headed by statistical process, without realizing that the real value of statistics is to think statistically.   Before I can even begin to think mathematically, I need to pursue how it is I am going to learn how ...

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