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4amChristmas is not a period of the year I particularly look forward to because I know it adds an extra day of work and creates longer days but this is called serving the market.  My daughter and her husband are in the same boat, they have temporarily relocated to a town two hours drive away from where their live and rented a place, all to meet the demands of this time - this is the life bread of their particular family business - for the worker or the entrepreneur seasonal demand is what it is and those that sign up for work that involves this demand should not bemoan it.

This morning I decided that I shall awake at 4am - which has less to do with work and more to do with beBee.  Whether this is a sustainable strategy remains to be seen, because I am the type who on seeing the alarm clock showing 4:00am instinctively hit the snooze button.  Usually after about five to seven snoozes of 10 minute intervals, I have awoken my vigour sufficiently to drag myself out of bed.  So I will see how it goes, but I also know that when people add an hour to their day, that hour will compete with all that can fill it - then what - because dicing with sleep is not a mature thing to do - if I choose to awaken at 4:00am it will not be due to sacrificing quality of sleep but knowing that I work fine on 6 hours - even if 8 hours is usually recommended.  This is not about a workaholic mindset - but having the energy for purpose.

I hate the word "time management" because life is really about "meaning management".  Time is a physical reality when it comes to energy used and restoration of that energy that comes through physical intelligence such as diet, sleep, meditation and flow.  Time is also creative meaning and in that regard human beings can become quite extraordinary in the way they can adapt.  The Apollo 13 film captures that spirit - but here meaning is literally life and death :

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CityVP Manjit

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Dear Franci Eugenia Hoffman I wonder if you have ever watched Poet Rives engage a very humourous look at 4am - a kind of parody to conspiracy theorists in a way, but mostly very clever talk called "The 4 a.m. Mystery" - it is worth a look If one can smile and laugh first thing in the morning, that is the best start to the day, and you have all summed up well how different that hour is. I am off to college now, we are helping out students who are preparing for case competitions - and then tomorrow I look forward to tuning into the great beBee - great because of people like you.

CityVP Manjit

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Weird, I have experienced the same thing two days in a row, I set the alarm for 4am but I am waking up earlier. Then again when I retired at 9:30am I was lights out fast, so that simply tells me that I am not used to sleeping early, but it also tells me that my body is craving sleep. Ultimately while so far waking up earlier has been a positive experience - especially with a rested mind, I am paying attention to what signals my body is actually sending me - because in the long-run that is a bigger part of the wisdom.

CityVP Manjit

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As you said in a comment to another buzz, that you are a traveler is a source of great learning and I think that also helps in setting your internal clock as well. That does not mean a business traveler has the same faculty, while you do travel on business, the meaning of travel is far greater in your worldview than someone who lives out of a suitcase and is actually a flying office. That is what separates a traveler from people who live out of their suitcase and I think that the true traveler is then born into a far different type of energy and life experience, one that they cannot but help wake up to.

CityVP Manjit

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I just looked over at your buzzes Paul, and what you may in hearty spirit call sloth and procrastination has too much real world experience and vivid imagination - I shudder to think what you are capable off when you operate with all engines one and maxing out. Kind of fits that New Testament line about if your dark is light, how much better then is the light :-)

CityVP Manjit

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Flow is what I focus on and what is the primary motivator for me. The ability to find meaning in things that others would consider mundane is one of my developing strengths. I risk over-sleeping if I don't use the alarm clock - and especially when I have changed my routine - but the key for me is that once I awake at a new time - that will be the time every day. It is not different to those who conquer jet-lag, the new routine kicks in immediately. Eventually I will get used to the new time and my first act would be to ensure I have turned the alarms off - nothing worse than going downstairs and then forgetting to turn the alarm off - at 4am that is not a sound the rest of the family want to hear :-)

CityVP Manjit

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Yes, this morning it was a combination of the room being very cold and a late night at the college which meant getting to sleep at 11am. The primary factor for me hitting the snooze button twice this morning was sleeping less than 6 hours - so I know where my limit is, but I was up by 4:30pm, albeit engaging the first act as wrapping up to remain warm !

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