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It is a good time to connect the acronym "HNY" for Happy New Year with the word "HONEY". 

CityVP Manjit 30th December 2016

I wish everyone much honey.

As New Years go - you alone can decide which one is going to be happy.  Moreover you alone can decide what date you think of as a new year.

That means there is much honey to go around as we celebrate all the global new years that arrive when they arrive.  It just happens that the one that is arrived is Gregorian

Now yes, I am wishing everybody a lot of honey as HNY and that is cool as far as I am concerned because I just have to figure out all the other HONEY days - and I call this "Dynamic Resolutions" - others are free to pursue a monogamous resolution with their one DATE.  There is so much more HNY to be celebrated that in the Gregorian year that will now unfold, I have yet to put orange marks on my 2017 calendar - that is something I will put on my HNY TO DO LIST.
  • Balinese New Year
  • Chinese New Year
  • Iranian New Year
  • Islamic New Year
  • Jewish New Year
  • Korean New Year
  • Sinhalese New Year
  • Tamil New Year

And that list does not include Indian New Years (Various) and Tribal New Years (Many). My kind of honey is pick seven HNY's and make sure they are one's that allow partying with sufficient gaps for all the failed resolutions people keep making. 

Seven resolutions per year sits just fine with me but the important thing is that they will be my resolutions - and that is why I call this higher resolution my "DYNAMIC RESOLUTIONS".  By now most people have got used to working with higher resolutions on their computers, why not get used to working with higher resolutions on our timeline?  Just a thought.

As for me renaissance is the honey of the future that I am in the process of depositing today and at the personal human level, honey here is a metaphor and not a product that I make.

If we are making honey we are making a metaphor first.  Then again you alone can decide what honey your metaphor will become and personally I am nonplussed about your metaphor because it should be yours - and if my honey is renaissance then it is not a metaphor that I make but a metaphor that emerges because it is the metaphor I chose.

When I wish people much honey (HNY) I don't even need to say the "Happy" bit - for there must have been some reason why the words happy and crappy rhyme - for good measure no one wishes anyone other than their most mortal enemy "a crappy new year". 

The baseline here is not the "happy" it is the "honey" - it is also five letters but there is more honey in "honey" than there is in "happy". 

So it is I wish everybody here at beBee much HNY...

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CityVP Manjit

5 years ago #8

Dear Dean Owen I will be kicking the groove on Saturday January 28th 2016 HNY-Zhonggou style. Your comment also inspired me to add an opening paragraph to my post at LinkedIn called "Perpetual Inventory". Life for me is a freeform celebration, with the spice of meaning added in from time to time to change up its dance and flow. Much Honey to You.

CityVP Manjit

5 years ago #7

I only understood why my parents were so absolute in their over-protection of us when we lived in a similiar environment, but now I look back and realize what they protected us from. My mom and her best friend used to share duties taking their babies to the clinic - neither could afford time off work but also knew the visit to the clinic was a good thing for the health of the new borns. One mother gave absolute love and the other absolute protection. Two babies in the same pram yet living in two different environments. A toxic and dangerous environment can lay waste to the best intentions and create exceptions also. As my mom's best friend gave her boy all that she could give him, he eventually grew up and expanded his network of love. A network of love in a dangerous neighbourhood is something my mother kept us away from. Eventually, the baby was given absolute love became the leader of one of the two notorious gangs in our town, while we managed to find a way out and now fully appreciate who made the sacrifice so we could be sparred. Today, the baby that shared a pram with me is institutionalized, strangely in the off-spring that emanated from his philandering ways is a daughter who is an incredible woman, who loves her grandmother with such love, that she is the gift that came out of this mess - and she is the one who offers protection to that son's mother. The only places I have read about compassion for jerks is either in the Bible (turning the other cheek) or in quotes about Buddha about not accepting the "gift". We can even forget what it was like growing up in toxic environments but it is rare to get protection from that, and I am thankful for that good fortune. I have no idea about life's hardships other than watching from a bubble where my parents who took all the blows.

CityVP Manjit

5 years ago #6

Dear Franci, I personally cannot have an intelligent relationship with happiness if I do not at the same time have a sensitive relationship with sadness. The attitude I prefer is equanimity and then the flow of positive and negative are in relationship to that. How can we seek biological balance within us if we cannot sense our own equanimity. If someone is being a jerk then we can choose a compassionate response, which is a positive attitude, or we can return our own being or self to equanimity - where we neither view that response as good or bad and then we don't pick it up and take it with us. Why stockpile happiness like inventory when any positive balance may trigger unintended consequences - and from a state of equanimity, the positive and the negative are both valuable - the positive flows through us without imbalancing our internal hormones and the negative flows around us as our mind, spirit and body maturing our personal resilience. The three relationships equanimity produce are the one's which we as human beings do value : HARMONY HEALTH HOME HARMONY with life outside of ourselves and HEALTH with life inside of ourselves. The multiplication of that is not a forced construct, it is an organic emergence - we emerge naturally. Yet I am a million miles from that reality sometimes - and I have proof of that - I can see it in the evolution of my own words and in the flowering of what we all call HOME. cc Aurorasa Sima

CityVP Manjit

5 years ago #5

Dear Fatima, you are the sweetest of all and I absolutely mean that. I don't think of honey as love, I think of honey as nature. The nature of honey is not questioned by a Honey Bee, but when it comes to real honey in nature, human beings are thieves. We steal their nectar and then replace those hives with sugar water. Then we take that natural honey and we industrialize it for mass consumption, and the end product that gets served is no more different to highly processed sugar - the nutrients, the richness of honey squandered by the mindset of the industrial age. It is not a question of who loves honey, but if we did love honey, how do we do that by respecting the nature of honey? Is honey golden because it is honey or because it sounds like money? As a tribal and communal being I wish you Much Honey!!! May you be as sweet as you are today on 31st December as you were on 30th December, in certain parts of the world it is already New Years right now. It is not the years that pass which is much honey, it is you and you knowing your own life and nature. I admire your fundamental nature, thus why I think of you as the sweetest of all.

CityVP Manjit

5 years ago #4

Dear Deb, the online space is indeed the learning fields and whether one is flying, sitting or waggling - all of this is a part of the learning experience. The reality of humanity which is not the reality of actual bee's is that we are generally a superstitious bunch - superstition has stitched its way through human time and life. The human mind that is progressing into the future is learning from its fundamental nature of being an animal and also from its unique ability to recognize the machine. We are animal in our instinct and emotions, but we are a complex organic machine which apparently resulted from accident. I am not too fussed about the origins of our design, but I do know it relates to what it is and how we learn. The origins of learning is what unites us. Much honey to you whether the honey is years, months, days or operates in seconds and much honey from the "learning fields".

CityVP Manjit

5 years ago #3

Wishes in return Milos. One thing I learned this holiday season at beBee is from the greetings I saw expressed by Russian HNY bee's. One of their wishes Happy New Godom. When I looked at what the translation of Godom was, I learned that the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union had banned Christmas - and as a result New Year celebrations became the big thing. What that has shown me is that a government can take away Christmas but no government can take away this desire for human beings to want to celebrate the beginning of new life at this time of the year. If HNY isn't in part a metaphor for rebirth, then what is it?

CityVP Manjit

5 years ago #2

The best to you Aurorasa. The way I look at HNY, it is not 2017 that has much honey, it is always in the here and now - this is what is the greatest distinction between being human and being a bee is - the metaphorical bee is a human being first, and that is who you are.

CityVP Manjit

5 years ago #1

Gert we have great affinity in our explorations much like the instinct of bee's to know what they are looking for. I wish you Much honey too!!!

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