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Physical Intelligence - Day 90

Today represents a lot of ENDS.  The end of June, the end of my 90 Day Physical Intelligence Challenge and now sadly the end of my relationship with my student club.  All these ends however channel a new beginning tomorrow - one that is marked by the 150th Anniversary of Canada's confederation.  I did want Canada Day to be a milestone moment but fate has turned it totally into a far different milestone moment than I had conceived or bargained for.

While tomorrow represents a fresh start for my new offline learning or at least Day 1 of that, the 90 days that I have logged now serve three purposes :

1: As reference material I can look back on

2: As a ready made 90 Day record that I can now re-purpose next April when the logging will be by comments.  It will be interesting how the year-on-year differences are next year

3: Honing in my mind the importance and values of physical intelligence and engaged in a way that produced new insights in the course of logging the full 90 days.

This is the second time I have been through this exercise, but the last one was on LinkedIn and what was absolutely bad was that there I had one blog with what was supposed to be 90 days of comments - except more than a third of the comments are no longer there, so the prior year references were lost and that was the most annoying aspect of the 90 days.

Next year it is going to be far easier logging because it will be bite size comparative comments.  For now I can end this 90 day logging with a look at what others have done in logging their physical journey's which are more workout logs rather than thinking more broadly about the meaning of physical intelligence :

What I got out of the apps video is that studying the format of fitness apps may give new perspectives about what could be done in a notebook or in one's own excel format.  Otherwise if it isn't formulaic it is feature creep, doing a whole lot of counting of things that I do not consider value added, such as using apps to count calories by pointing at every product we buy.

So I have come to the end of my 90 days but these 90 days are the beginning of a whole lot more - and the best thing is writing out the top half of these logs is now done and dusted - next year I look forward to engaging 90 days using these same buzzes.  From there the possibility of adding comments year-on-year means building up an interesting record - though my greatest fear is that when any site talks about bringing in something new, it tends to wipe out the old.  If that happens that would be tragic and that is the kind of thing that Dean Owen fears - though the challenge of obsolescence means we can't even trust that a basic Word file written today, could be read by technologies 10 years from now.  Yet that is for then this is now.

Finally I would like to dedicate my 90 day Physical Intelligence Journey to the students of Sheridan Bruins Toastmasters Club who study out of the HMC campus.  I will miss you all so much but life throws these curve balls and that is the sadness of things that end.

Tomorrow is Canada's 150th Birthday and it will be a fresh new start in every possible way.

Day 90 over and out.

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