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Remember Tie-dye?

Remember tie-dye tee shirts? My grandson had seen his grandmother wearing an old tie-dye shirt when he last visited us and he, in his craft class at his small school had made some tie-dye shirts. He wanted to make some shirts with his grandma.

We thought it would be fun and give us a memento give him a memory to remember. So, my wife and daughter on one of their trips to town bought plain white Tee shirts for all of us and bought the fixing to make tie-dye shirts.

So, on a hot summer’s day in Australia in January, we created our memories. First, we read the instructions to make sure we understood what we had to do, second, we gathered all of the ingredients and followed the instructions to make sure the ingredients were set up properly. It took time to decide what type of design each of us wanted and then it took longer to fix the shirt in the way we thought would best make the design. The first step after creating your design was to soak the Tee shirts in soda ash for twenty minutes to make sure that the material would absorb the dye. The second step was to apply the dye. There are many sites on the Internet that will give you quick ideas on how to make tie-dye shirts, shoes, silk ties etc.

We each took time to create our own tee shirts and while one person was applying the dye, the others were providing advice, sometimes, good, sometimes not good, sometimes wanted, most times not needed. We did have fun, laughed a lot, and as you can see from the pic below, the effort was well worth it. 

We did such a great job on our shirts that we made shirts for our grandchildren at home as well as our son, who had to leave for home before we decided to complete this project. My daughter and her guy said they would only wear their shirts at home, I am going to wear mine proudly when I go out and when I golf, but the weather has to warm up a great deal before I can move to summer wear. My grandson, wore his shirt every day for a week and was very proud of his efforts. He loved making the tee shirt with his grandma and it, hopefully, will be a memory that he will have for a long time.

Remember Tie-dye?

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Nice family photo, Royce. I have a few tie-dye items bought a couple years ago at a festival. I wear them because they are cheerful.

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