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REVIEW: Find Your Carrot: Stop the Foolishness! Get on With Your Authentic Self

Author: Jacquelyn H. Berry, Ph.D


ISBN: 2370000861757

To exclaim that covid-19 has turned your world upside down would be an understatement. It has shaken up the world and established high levels of economic, political, and social turmoil. It may have even magnified your sense of uncertainty that has previously entered your lifestyle because of automation and widening inequalities.

According to Jacquelyn H. Berry, author of Find Your Carrot: Stop the Foolishness! Get on With Your Authentic Self, the pandemic has provided you with a “get out of jail free card.” You now have more time on your hands to spell out your longer-term goals and priorities. What do you want out of life? What makes living rewarding? How can you focus your attention on what gives you meaning? How do you achieve success?

REVIEW: Find Your Carrot: Stop the Foolishness! Get on With Your Authentic Self

We talk about these topics and read books about them, though we have difficulty ascertaining how to realize our ambitions.

The core concept of Find Your Carrot is to uncover your niche or what you do best. Looking at alternatives rather than there is nothing I can do to improve my life is a non-starter. Once you determine an option, encourage your imagination to envisage a set of creative choices about your future. Recognize the stumbling blocks that preclude you from going after your true calling in life.

To set you on your path, Berry provides her readers with a ten-step approach that is wholly doable. These are thoroughly detailed in the eight chapters of this seventy-page self-help book. The steps include identifying your currency or, as I would term it, your niche. According to Berry, “this is your rock and your engine.” If you don’t know your foundation, you will be on rocky ground. Figure out what you want or what you are hunting? Devise a direction pointing out what you have to carry out on getting from here to there. Consider the landmarks along the road, the sacrifices, and what needs to reach your objectives. Visualize each reward along your course. What does winning look like? How does it feel, smell, and taste? Figure out how you can automate the little meaningless choices to provide as much mental space as you can for your craft. Get hungry and remain hungry. Acknowledge that there will be times where it will not be fun. Keep your focus. Watch out for those distractions such as your phone, laptop, and television that are continually wasting your time. Accountability must be at the forefront, and you must pay attention to what is restraining you from executing your plan. Wake up every day and go on trying. You may have to adapt and re-assess what you are undertaking. Don’t forget to set deadlines and make smart goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.

Although, Find Your Carrot: Stop the Foolishness! Get on With Your Authentic Self is a self-help book that may not break new ground; it offers you an alternative approach to figure out what you should do with your life.

Step out of your comfortable nests and take risks, even though you may fail along the way. It is likewise a means to identify talents you assumed you never had.

Without hesitation, the advice afforded is truly timeless and is presented with a good deal of precision and knowledge. And as Berry closes, “The upside of periods of quarantine and isolation, like the one imposed by Covid-19, is the chance for many people to reset and change the things they don’t like.” She further aptly cites the French philosopher Albert Camus, “A trouble is a time to ask what life is for.”

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