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The Olympics

Like many, I have been watching the Olympics and am impressed by the courage, athletics. In my younger days, I was a middle-distance runner and was one of the top runners in my area. I was not the best but I was in the top ten and I worked very hard so I understand how hard these Olympians work and how much they sacrifice.  To get to the level the Olympic Athletes have achieved takes dedication, hard, hard, work, and commitment to the sport. Many of these young people have put their lives on hold for a chance to compete at the world level. If we don’t follow the sport, we only see the athletes on stage for a very short time. We empathize with them when they lose, and celebrate with them when they win.

All countries should celebrate these athletes and their coaches, their support teams (Physio, their friends and their family. Without the support of these people, the athletes would not be where they are today. I know there are sponsors, and organizations that provide financial support for the athletes and their support teams that help and their support should also be recognized.

I was watching an interview with a young woman, who had failed to qualify and the interviewer asked what had happened and if the athlete was disappointed. The young athlete, while explaining what she had done started to cry while she was answering the questions. The interviewer saw this but continued to ask questions. The athlete answered the questions politely and finally, the interviewer brought the interview to a close. I know that a crying athlete makes for good television and brings drama to an otherwise boring interview, but there were a number of opportunities to close the interview early but the interviewer appeared to want the drama.

We have to remember that these athletes are away from home, sleeping in a strange bed, adjusting to a time difference, faced with a continual barrage of media who want their attention. All the athletes want to do is get into their routine and perform their best. They all perform for themselves first and then their country and they want to do their very best in this arena. One of the broadcasters said, “They should be so proud that they made it to the Olympic stage and are able to compete with the best in the world”. I agree we should honour these athletes and should celebrate with them as they compete with the best in the world. If you have not been watching the Olympics I encourage you to do so and cheer on the athletes from your country.


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