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Walking Routes


I love to walk and find that a short (30 to 60 minute) walk always makes me feel better. Can you think of any walking areas in your area that you would like to share, suggestions welcome. 

Where I live there are a lot of hiking trails available,  here is a list of 16 walking routes in my area: Enjoy and if you ever come to the Vancouver Area, check these walking areas out. They are great and they are only a small number of the routes available.

Some of us love to bike rather than walk, so I recommend Colleen MacDonald's book Lets Go Biking" for more Trails. Colleen is a local author who lives in Belcarra, which is fairly close to where I live.

  • Coquitlam Crunch...any part of it. The stairs are a good work out, the rest of the trail is an easy walk with nice views. Lots of foot traffic.
  • Castle Park, nice walking trail along the Fraser. Public washroom as well.
  • Mundy Park, awesome trails for walking, running, biking and wildlife viewing.
  • Como Lake Park, a nice little park with a flat trail around a small lake.  See birds in the water, there's fishing available off the small dock. A nice sized playground is fenced off the area is close to water,
  • Wellington Park, a great place to meet up with friends or walk your dog or if your a kid good place to hang out
  • Riverview Lands where the various species of trees can be seen, the lands also have the following trails
    • Home Farm Dyke Trail - most of the trail is 7mm crushed rock (firm) with gentle slopes (< 5%); some areas have potholes. Where it meets Mundy Creek Trail, the trail surface is loose gravel. At the Main Entrance, access to Home Farm Dyke Trail via the roadway is also gravel. 
    • Wilson Farm Dyke Trail has a semi-firm surface with some softer sections of loose gravel. There is a small threshold on the bridge to get to Wilson Farm Dyke Trail from Garden Trail. Junctions at the Millennium Bridge and Pumphouse Trail have gravel surfaces. The northeastern exit to Shaughnessy St and the exit via Pumphouse Trail have steep slopes (up to 24.3%).
    • Sheep Paddocks Trail is located in Port Coquitlam just off of Lougheed Highway, Colony Farm Regional Park has a number of trails that pass along the Coquitlam River and offer views of the nearby fields. The area is popular with joggers, cyclists, bird watchers and those going for a quick walk who want to enjoy some scenery along the Coquitlam River.
    • Mundy Creek Trail has a semi-firm surface with loose gravel in some areas. Some slopes are greater than 10% and the trail narrows (< 810 mm) in some areas. There are steep slopes (up to 19% for 5 m) on both ends of the trail.
    • Colony Farm Road Trail is flat with a steep slope (18% for up to 5 m) to access the Mundy Creek parking lot. The trail is surfaced with coarse gravel and is soft/loose in some areas. The path narrows (< 810 mm) in some areas and may become muddy when wet
  • LaFarge Lake, lots of family-friendly activities, and the lights displayed a lot of creativity! 
  • Port Moody Inlet Trail (Shoreline Trail), Beautiful trail (6.8 k)any time of the year.  Family/pet-friendly with ocean views. It starts at Rocky Point Park. Treat your self with ice cream or a pint at brewery lane right across!
  • Coquitlam River Trail is a 9.2 kilometre out and back trail located near Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada that features a waterfall. The trail is good for all skill levels and offers a number of activity options. Dogs are also able to use this trail.
  • Traboulay PoCo Trail, a 25.3-kilometre route that encircles the community. This flat walking and cycling trail is suitable for exploring at any time of the year.
  • Pitt Meadows Dyke Trail System, they are well maintained & it is a pleasant place to visit.
  • Crystal Falls - Trailhead, Located east of Vancouver in Coquitlam, Crystal Falls is a scenic waterfall that drains into the Coquitlam River and is along a short, easy hike trail. The area is also popular with dog walkers and mountain bikers and the route can be very muddy for several months of the year.
Walking Routes

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