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When trying something new

As we move through the stages of retirement, it is, in my humble opinion, a good idea to try new things, listen to new ideas, try new adventures. Change is unsettling and frightening but after the initial adjustments change can be fun. To help adjust to change or to start the new adventure or beginning the new thing requires a change in attitude and a change in perception. 

As we get older it takes longer to learn new stuff, that is a reality for us, it does not mean we cannot learn, it just means it takes us longer to learn. The first step is to understand that you need to shake the burden that comes from seeing your baby steps, as a necessary discipline.

See these steps as a process of learning. Think of these needed steps in your progress as optional dance moves, in life's conga line or if you like life's new line dance. These baby steps are required now just as much as they were when we were learning to walk. 

Take some time and watch a toddler learning to walk, they are determined, excited and do not give up, no matter how many times they fall. Toddlers, I think at some level, understand the baby steps they are taking spark miracle, open floodgates, and lead to the near-effortless manifestations of change.

As we age, we need to hold on to the idea that we can learn that we had when we were toddlers and children. If we have lost it we need to find a way to rekindle that flame that allowed us to live a full, exciting and meaningful life. Just because we are in the final phase of life, does not mean that we should lose that spark that pushed us when we were young. There is so much to see and do and so little time to do it.


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