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When Twitter Came Back Into My Life

@ Sheridan College Trafalgar Campus
1430 Trataigar Road , Oakville
Every Tuesday @ 6:15pm &

Every Saturday @ 1:15pm

Room G202 - Sheridan College

Last Saturday saw the successful launch of our new Saturday club and the labour of love that we are committed to does not end with one basic launch.  March is membership renewal month in our college and then there is effort required to keep the club viable when most of the students go off on their summer break.  All of these have to be factored in now and sometimes one see's the need to fill gaps because of intuitive recognition that certain actions have to be taken.

I have not been back to Twitter in ages and my Twitter account says November 2016 as the date I last posted at my personal account @cityvp  So it is that I have seen that our club can do with a Twitter presence and this month I became what we will call at our club "The Tweetmaster".  In next to no time I have shot of some 130 tweets recognizing that I do not need some grand Twitter strategy but sufficient application of time to build miniscule relationships with students of the college who utilize the site.  So it is that I created :

When I compare it with the existing Twitter site the club had since 2012 - it is easy to see how people who thought Twitter was a good idea for them, quickly abandon it because for it to be effective, it requires constant curation and relational touches.  Just as much as the camera I purchased to begin capturing photographic shots to add visual connection to that curation.  The great thing about also being unofficial photographer of our club meetings is that I (who is camera shy) can escape actually being in them - and ultimately that is not about my need for privacy but because it is the students and advisors of the club who are more important than making this a showcase for my own images (in relationship to the club).

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CityVP Manjit

3 years ago #5

Thanks for connecting. The clubs original twitter handle was @sbotoastmaster - so I created @sbotoastmasters. What is interesting is how different strata of youth are beginning to have different worldviews. It is no longer sufficient to view youth as a group like "millennials" or "generation Z" or whatever classification is being used. The younger people are the less amenable they are to techniques of attention. Millennials in that respect may be the last generation that is significantly swayed by marketing. As each younger group even in divisions of 10 years arrives on the scene, I expect to see greater diversity of thought and maybe even greater forms of activism but also entrepreneurial spirit. The college I am in has a part to it called The Creative Campus. That is where some really interesting things are happening. Stuff like this would you believe !

CityVP Manjit

3 years ago #4

No but it is recently beginning to feel a lot like engaging a second job :-)

CityVP Manjit

3 years ago #3

I think you followed @societymanjit - that is a Twitter account that preceded my Hives at beBee - ( i have about 10 of those Twitter accounts). The one you should follow back on is my college club @sbotoastmasters - that is where I have pitched my Twitter tent for the next short-while.

CityVP Manjit

3 years ago #2

Thanks am now Following on Twitter @sbotoastmasters our club page ( I have you on @CityVP but I have not been there since 2016) at least I now have direct line of sight when you buzz, which is a good thing !

CityVP Manjit

3 years ago #1

I have just linked this article to the club page - could you give me your Twitter address so I can follow you there - since I expect to spend more of my time there - but of course get back to beBee as soon as other startup duties are completed.

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