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Jean’s Version

A short story by: Ash Wellesley · I recently posted a short story called My Friend Jimmy that was well received in the beBee community. This is the second part of the story.  Here is the link to the first, in case you missed it. ·   · You’re asking me about the accident? I’m caug ...

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My Friend Jimmy

  · A Short Story By: Ash Wellesley · I think the worst kind of father any kid could have is a macho father. That, or no father at all. My best friend, Jimmy had a toxic male for a dad. I had none. · My father died when I was two. At the time, my mother was pregnant with my siste ...

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When Your New Job Doesn't Turn Out

Being new to the corporate environment, I had no real expectations. I was fresh out of a grad program, and I was eager to experience the status of an office job. I had worked many blue collar or low paying precarious jobs most of my life. I felt like I needed a change. · I made t ...

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