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About me:

MurMarketing provides strategic focus, concepts, copy writing & editing, art direction and production in all on and offline media for SMEs and funded startups. I am all about helping my clients build their business through the power of well-focused, relevant & compelling communication.


BA Philosophy York U.


I am the sole proprietor of MurMarketing, a strategic and creative consultancy

I am Writer, Blogger, Art Director, Communication Strategist, beBee Brand Ambassador, 

I have been blogging and promoting beBee since its first year in business. .

I closed my former company, Onwords & Upwords in March of 2020, mainly because I decided to  change my status to semi-retired and no longer needed the advantages of a corporation. II have also become quite active in promoting the renewables sector, and do this as a passion project as opposed to for money.

My mission, since 1989 has been to be a trusted advisor and supplier to small to mid-sized companies companies, helping them grow through effective, creative and cost-efficient communications. Over the years, I have helped improve the fortunes of a great number of SMEs, as well as a number of the business and marketing consultants who work with them.

Being able to develop strategic focus, write, art direct and project manage all the communications I create is a genuine advantage to these businesses, both in terms of time and dollars. It is a totally viable alternative to the high cost of working with ornately structured agencies and marcoms,

Since 2017, I have lived in The Garden City of St Catharines Ontario and serve both local clients and businesses all over the globe.


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