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2 years ago

Review: Photographer, Writer & Artist: Patrick Stull's Encounters

Norm Goldman · Author, Photographer & Artist: Patrick Stull · Contributions: Book Design & Compositions Sayali Shah: · Editor: Kate Read: Art Assistant: Rossella Scapini · Digital Contributions: Agnieszka Kania, Sayali Shah & Hermali Zavali · ISBN: 978-0692-96051-6 · With his stunning collectio ...

4 years ago

The Purpose of the Arts

Timothy Wall · If you're the type that wants high quality art, but isn't willing to pay for it, keep reading. · Buy some paints, canvas, brushes etc. and if you can paint anything close to fine art standards, the light bulb will go on. Same thing with any musical instrument. If you're lousy, yo ...

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