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4 months ago

What exactly is a brand anyway?

John Ballem💻(jballem.com) · McDonald’s Golden Arches, “You’re among friends at Boston Pizza”, Nike’s “Swoosh” logo. These are all examples of brands, right? Well, sort of. · The term “brand” is often misunderstood. An effective brand is much more than a logo or a clever catchphrase. · A brand expresses and ...

4 years ago

Why I’m Going To Start Following The Money And Not The Bullshit

Jim Murray · Last night, my partner Charlene Norman and I went to a networking event put on by Business Link Niagara, which is a business publishing company that owns one of the mags I hope to get published in soon. · It was held in the bar of a Boston Pizza restaurant on Lundy’s Lane in Niag ...

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