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1 year ago

The Need for a Social Contract during SARS-CoV-2

Jim Taggart · It’s generally well accepted that the key reason why Great Britain prevailed during World War Two was because of how its citizens came together during the eight month Blitz which started on September 7, 1940. Of course, Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s extraordinary leadership ...

1 year ago

Humankind’s Adaptability to Crises: Pandemics Not Excluded

Jim Taggart · Humankind’s ability to rise to crises and extraordinary challenges has some prominent examples from the past. When things appear bleakest, with no light at the end of the tunnel, there’s a tendency for people to turn pessimistic about the future. “We’re doomed as a society” comes ...

1 year ago

The Leadership Payoff from Sharing Power

Jim Taggart · Sometimes we’re reading something. Anything: a magazine, a book, or an online article. And then we have what’s called a brain fart. An idea pops into our mind, only to stay there for a while, waiting to be exploited, beckoning us in increasing urgency to check it out before it di ...

2 years ago

Are You Booing or Cheering for Your CEO?

Jim Taggart · Dateline: Summer 1941. · The troops weren’t happy with the country’s leadership. · A lot of hyperbole had been generated during the previous two years about the Nazi threat to the United States. Because of America’s general isolationist attitude, a consequence of post-World War O ...

4 years ago

Kiss Me, I’m (4%) Irish

Kevin Pashuk · My wife and I recently sat down and began to discuss our extended family. Now they are generally nice people, and we all get along swimmingly, but if you knew them the way we do, you would agree that they are, how should I put this… nuts. · And by nuts, I mean that none of them ...

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