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1 year ago

See this guy?

Jim Murray · See this guy? I don't write about him as often as I used to because, well, hardly anything he says these days is worth writing about. All he does is harp on about the same sad stuff, ad nauseum.  · One of the things he spent a whole lot time on in his term as worst president ever ...

2 years ago

How Donald Trump Played America—and Himself

Jim Taggart · This leadership post is a look back at one I wrote prior to Donald Trump becoming President of the United States. Much of the numbness from the Trump term has abated now that President Joe Biden has just passed his 100 days in office. However, there’s much uncertainty what the fu ...

4 years ago

Part 2. How Rhythm Relates To Happiness.

Jim Murray · This is the second installment in this series on happiness. If you are coming to it late, the first post can be viewed here: https://www.bebee.com/producer/@jim-murray/the-dogged-relentless-pursuit-of-happiness-pt-1 · “The first lesson I learned in life is that no matter what you ...

5 years ago

So Where Are We Now? — The World’s Still Standing

Jim Taggart · So what were you doing on November 7, 2017? · That’s okay if you don’t remember. Here’s a reminder, however: After what could only be called a political circus, a reality show star, who dabbled in real estate, beat out 17 contenders in the Republican Party to be the first-past-th ...

6 years ago

The Successful Albeit Pretty Slimy Repositioning of Hillary Clinton

Jim Murray · A couple days ago I wrote a post on Facebook. Guess you could call it a mini-rant. But there was a point to doing it. · I have a few ‘friends’ on FB who are very conservative. One of them, in fact is actually in the game, not sure at exactly what level. But he’s there and pushing ...

6 years ago

So What NOW? America’s Struggle to Remain the Leader of the Free World

Jim Taggart · You don’t have to be an American citizen to feel battered and bruised following the November 8th presidential election. We Canadians, all 36 million, were sucked along for the roller coaster ride over the past two years, from the nutty Republican Primaries to the astonishing Dona ...

6 years ago

How Donald Trump Played America—and Himself

Jim Taggart · President Dwight D. Eisenhower (serving from 1953 to1961) once said: Never question another man’s motive. His wisdom, yes, but not his motives. Wise words indeed, and especially relevant as the U.S. presidential election campaign—circus may be more appropriate—lurches forward to ...

6 years ago

News about some changes in Trump' support (Excerpts from latest Voice of Reason post)

Nick Mlatchkov ·   Mark Zuckerburg has shared a post ending it by saying: · “That’s ultimately what Facebook is about: giving everyone the power to share our experiences, so we can understand each other a bit better and connect us a little closer together.” · Mark Zuckerberg ...

6 years ago

The Fourth Debate - Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Nick Mlatchkov · Trump totally buried Hillary in a wall of jokes, Steve Martin fashion & made the establishment sweat heavily at the Al Smith charity dinner · with the Catholic Archbishop of NY on last Thur. · What a triumph! · "

6 years ago

Hillary Clinton & peace in the Middle East

Nick Mlatchkov · Clinton's fraction in the Democrats doesn't seem to get that if ISIS were not Sunnies but Shiites (Iran, Hizbullah, the majority in Iraq, Assad's Syria) the damage to the West would've been much greater than now. Instead of listing them as enemies, especially in Syria, they shoul ...

7 years ago

The News Media...Give Them An Inch & They'll Take A Mile

Jim Murray · This is a rant. But on my rant scale of 1-10 it's only about a 6. · If you turn on the news, any news, these days in America, you get the distinct impression that there’s something wrong in that country. · The news media’s 24/7 coverage of the presidential election race is the ma ...

7 years ago

The Couch Potato Chronicles - Notes On The Democratic Convention

Jim Murray · Canadians like me, who grew up in border towns, (Fort Erie), have a special relationship with the United States. · All the television we got back in the fifties and sixties were the American networks. We did most of our shopping and hanging out in Buffalo, because when I was a ki ...

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