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1 month ago

Some Tips to help plan for retirement

Royce Shook · My daughter became an Australian citizen a few years ago so I tend to be interested in events down under and how they might affect my daughter's situation. She works and will retire in Australia, so when I came across this article in the Women’s Agenda I thought I would share. · ...

7 months ago

I’ve Got the Urge for Going

Renée 🐝 Cormier · When the going gets tough, I can’t escape the feeling of wanting to take off to Europe for several months. Even though I know my problems will not magically disappear, I constantly yearn for reprieve. Southern Europe, for some reason seems to be the place I yearn to go. · Joni Mi ...

3 years ago

Business Apps | Odoo's Features to Help You Get Things Done Faster!

stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador · Releasing new features and enriching the existing product is an essential element in the growth of a business software such as Odoo. For every new release, we are driven by one single purpose: helping our users to become better at their job and to accomplish more with Odoo. Once ...

3 years ago

Pandemic Flu 100 years ago

Royce Shook · The ‘greatest pandemic in history’ was 100 years ago – but many of us still get the basic facts wrong, so starts the story at the Conversation.com  written by Richard Gunderman,  Chancellor's Professor of Medicine, Liberal Arts, and Philanthropy, Indiana University. · I like many ...

4 years ago

Entertainment On The Cheap Vacation Planning

Royce Shook · Family vacations can get expensive quickly, and after saving as much money as possible on transportation, food, and lodging, you might still find that the entertainment and activities you do while on vacation are too much of a drain on your budget. Of course, there are some exper ...

4 years ago

Breaking News - beBee ranks up from 403th to 352th worldwide Start-up !

stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador · Everyone Loves beBee !  · Spain does , but the world is welcoming the new disruptive Collaborative Affinity Social Platform. · NO, You cannot stop a train , you cannot stop a bull, neither you can't stop beBee from progressing. · Stephane Metral, Innovative Brand Ambassador · Wha ...

4 years ago

This is why I really, really like beBee...

Graham🐝 Edwards · Simply put... it is the fascinating people you get to meet.Today I met Renée 🐝 Cormier and Kevin Pashuk for coffee (I actually had diet coke but this isn't about my slight addiction). I have known Renee for a while now and we meet regularly, but this was the first time I've had t ...

5 years ago

An impressive new social media platform... and a T-Shirt too.

Graham🐝 Edwards · Like a note in a bottle on the tide, you really don't know where any particular blog post will end up... · In the case of a post entitled "I put out a call for blog ideas and this is what I got...", it washed up on the shore to be found by a woman named Sara Jacobovici who compli ...

5 years ago

Drogao Music - Málaga, Spain: Spanish - Elementary!

Nick Mlatchkov · Very funny! lol · "

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