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2 months ago

Fifty Years With One Wife and No Ties

Jim Murray · Fifty years ago this year, I was 24, and married a young lady, three years younger than me. It was also the last time I ever wore a tie. · I didn’t consciously avoid wearing ties. In fact I had several of them hanging in my closet. That was their principal occupation, just hangin ...

1 year ago

Impostor Syndrome and Limiting Beliefs

Royce Shook · I was listening to a radio podcast that talked about imposter syndrome. For those of you who don’t know what this is, and for the record, I did not know what it was, or if I did know I had forgotten. This where a person feels like they don’t belong. Like their friends or colleagu ...

4 years ago

Moments — startups are not just for Ys and Zs anymore.

Graham🐝 Edwards · "What's really bothering you?" · "Don't get me started — not taking advice and living in a fantasyland are the 2 that immediately come to mind." · "Sounds like that other startup we were dealing with a while ago."    · "Yeah  — it's the 'I'm the entrepreneur and I know everything ...

4 years ago

The Secret To Just About Everything In Life

Jim Murray · A lot of people will tell you that life is complex. Most of them tell you that because they’re trying to sell something to help you simplify things. · But the fact is that life is only as complex as you want it to be. The more complex you make it for yourself, the more susceptibl ...

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