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We love Chinese food and have a number of excellent Chines Food Restaurants to choose from in my area. The other day my wife ordered Chinese locally (won't name them) and I went to pick it up and as I was driving back home heard the bags rustling and moving. I thought what on earth is that? Has something gotten into the bag? I glanced in the rearview mirror. I thought I could see a little pair of eyes peering out. 

I was driving at the time so I pulled over I leaned forward, picked the bag up, put it on the passenger seat and there it was again!  More rustling and little eyes looking out behind the ginger beef!  I was surprised and very nervous, what would I do if it was a rat or a mouse, which is what I thought it might be. So, I sat on the side of the road looking at the back thinking about my choices. If it was as I thought it's got to be a rat or mouse or something else what could I do. My first thought was I would get out of the car, come around, open the passenger side door get the bag out of the car, put it down and then open it some whatever was inside could escape.  I also thought, no one will believe this so I better get my camera out so I could take a picture of whatever came out of the bag. Needless to say, I was very nervous, so I carefully pulled the bag down and very slowly opened the bag…









And there it was A PEEKING DUCK!!!!

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Fay Vietmeier

Fay Vietmeier

1 month ago #4

😂😂😂@Royce Shook 

Very funny .. “peeking duck”

Not sure if this is true .. but thanks for the laugh 

If it is true I hope

.. either you have a lovely duck pond & welcomed this feathered friend 

.. Or you drove the duck back .. and it IS a pet 

In the event they offer duck dishes on the menu  .. this would attest to freshness  

John Rylance

John Rylance

1 month ago #3

Second thoughts looking at the bill it could be Duck a la 🍊

Ken Boddie

Ken Boddie

1 month ago #2

I hope you released it from its wonton destruction so it could have a wok in the park. 😂🤣😂

John Rylance

John Rylance

1 month ago #1

Looking for the prawn quackers no doubt.

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