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Elon Musk…The World Heavyweight Champion of Renewable Energy

Elon Musk…The World Heavyweight Champion of Renewable EnergyI3HAND

Ideas, Products & Services That Make
Our World A Greener Place To LiveElon Musk has, for those who have been paying attention, has become a household name in the world. People love him. People hate him. But there’s really no doubt about the fact that his dedication to helping the world become less dependent on fossil fuels and all the environmentally damaging industries surrounding them is probably greater than anyone’s at present.

In the renewables area, Mr Musk is most famously known for developing the first truly world class vehicles called Tesla. And he is also a leader in the development of the storage cells and high speed charging stations that will power Teslas and other electronic vehicles.

6cec2a19.pngAs just one by-products of these core industries he has also created a company called Tesla Solar Roofs to help homeowners reduce their energy costs.

His corporations are all vast global entities, and are geared toward helping the world become powered as much as possible by renewable energy sources.

This infographic which I borrowed from thebossmagazine.com give you a good idea of just where Mr Musk is planning to take the world over the next couple of decades.


It’s hard to think about Elon Musk and all he is doing for the planet and no feel encouraged, and that there is a light at the end of the dark environmental tunnel that we find ourselves in today.

And if you need further proof, just check out what the investment community is saying to the businesses it invests in. There is massive movement away from fossil fuels. And the only thing that’s slowing it down right now is the obstructionist attitude of Conservative politicians, especially in the more industrially advanced countries.

The momentum that is being created by the renewables industry, and especially by Mr Musk, is a force to be reckoned with. And it will soon become the dominant economic driver on the planet.

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Jim Murray

Jim Murray

9 months ago #2

Thanks Ken. Yeah, the old school mentality is going to be a stumbling block. But my theory is that there's enough research going on that they will over time be able to acquire new businesses that will help them make the transition. The opther thing is that every major car manufacturer is making an EV and as that business grow the oil business will shrink and become unprofitable. Hell, even Mohammad Ben Salman In Saudi Arabia knows that. Elon Musk is the new business model for the world. If they don't catch on it's just a matter of time, IMHO, before they start bleeding red ink. Happy New Year

Ken Boddie

Ken Boddie

9 months ago #1

Great ‘state of the art’ presentation, Jim. I find here in Oz that it’s not just the “obstructionist attitude of Conservative politicians” that’s slowing the move away from fossil fuels, but the hard fact that the well established political parties are propped up by ‘subscriptions’ from the hierarchy of fossil fuel providers and their ‘Carbon Club’ mates. The voice of the people is slowly being heard but only seriously when it’s election time, with false promises proferred, then broken shortly afterwards. If you wish to pick your way through the historical plot of fossil brigade props and their climate change denying associates, try reading “The Carbon Club” by Marian Wilkinson.

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