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Fear of the road not taken

A friend of mine said that he had just attended his first online “Celebration of Life” a week after I had attended my first. COVID has taken many of our loved ones from us and we are learning new ways to celebrate them. I was thinking that when that someone special chose between two great and wondrous paths, like studying the arts versus sciences, living in British Columbia or Toronto or dating MIke instead of Michael, there was no sudden devastation, heartbreak, and tears for the road not taken? What there was in fact was a celebration, jubilation, and excitement for the infinite possibilities that lied ahead for them, was there not?

So maybe it should be the same when someone special passes beyond the veils of time and space. This is something that all must one day. When we lose someone special, I think we should choose to do celebrate the infinite possibilities that they have given to us that will help us in the path forward. We must remember the big lessons they taught us and the little lessons that still stay with us as we remember them. Life is hard when we lose someone special but we honour them by remembering the infinite possibilities that they helped us see in ourselves and that they through their life helped us and others achieve.

Fear of the road not takenYO Notan Nitsthke

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