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Happy New Year

When I was young we used to celebrate New Year's Eve, with one of the seniors in the family dressing up as the Old year and we would have a ceremony where the old year was ushered out and the new year’s baby was welcomed by the party-goers. This is not happening this year and may not for a few more years.

2020 was an extremely hard year, and my hope is that 2021 will be better. Many of us suffered great losses and are still grieving. My family lost a nephew and two nieces none of which we could blame on COVID, but the restrictions around COVID made the celebrations of life impossible. My hope is that in 2021 we will be able to celebrate their lives so that we can get on with the grieving. For those of you who lost family and friends in 2020, my hope is that you will be allowed to celebrate their lives to start or get on with the grieving that is necessary for healing.

Travel was severely curtailed in 2020 but my hope is that as we move further into 2021 that travel will reopen and people can again travel, enjoy, love, and seize the opportunities travel brings.

May we never have another time like 2020 and my hope is we learn and grow from our experience and appreciate what we have, who we love and who we are with even more.


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Pascal Derrien

9 months ago #4

Have a good one Royce :-)

Javier 🐝 CR

9 months ago #3

Happy New Year

John Rylance

9 months ago #2

Happy New Year Keep Safe.

Ken Boddie

9 months ago #1

I’m optimistic about 2021, Royce, but don’t ask me to make any New Year resolutions. At my age, they tend to go in one year and out the other. 😂🤣😂

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