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3 weeks ago

CPC TV Review

Jim Murray ·

11 months ago

Happy New Year

Royce Shook · When I was young we used to celebrate New Year's Eve, with one of the seniors in the family dressing up as the Old year and we would have a ceremony where the old year was ushered out and the new year’s baby was welcomed by the party-goers. This is not happening this year and may ...

1 year ago

Frauds and Scams, Oh No!

Royce Shook · I received a call on my landline this morning about 10:30 AM that started “New customer” and went on claiming to be working in the security and fraud department of MY bank. Evidently, I had purchased something at 5:30 AM that they thought was suspicious and asked me to phone a nu ...

5 years ago

Vous avez besoin d'un écrivain: Pourquoi une simple traduction ne suffit pas

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian · There are many Spanish posts. I figured no one would mind a French one. My written French is very rusty, but here goes...  · Je suis anglophone, et je suis Québecois. J'écris ceci pour tous mes frères et sœurs Québecois(es). Nous sommes une petite île francophone dans un vaste oc ...

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