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Physical Intelligence - Day 41


The good news is that I have been up since 3am, which reverses what has been a very poor week in terms of my own physical intelligence.  I am still a bit shaken up by the buzz written by Andrea that translates to "Bitter Reality" - as we get older the odds of chronic existence increase a lot, and that is one of the perils of aging rather than the subject matter of physical intelligence, but when life hits someone hard when they are young, it brings me back to the ultimate bitter reality that we don't open the curtain to, which is how life can be for some, so unfair. 

The last thing any of us can handle is the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and that is because a part of physical intelligence is the depth of feeling and touch we retain as encounter life and its horrors. We do need to save ourselves from the grim realities this planet harbours but when we open up to a sliver of someone elses pain, that is when we also must be most human and find our best self. 

Physical intelligence is not a wake up call, it is a being.  Most of us are not human beings, we are simply a collection of human doings.  The bit that makes physical intelligence the thing we end up ignoring is that the physical is the touching surface of truth and as truth goes so does our response to physical intelligence.  As we become wiser to truth, we become wiser to our physicality and how that physicality operates as being and not simply as doing.  We end up trading physical intelligence as euphemism for work and it is way more than that - we are so caught up in the notion of work, we have disembodied ourselves - and no wonder we break resolutions and we lose our way.

Healing comes from something broken and finding means of repair and recovery is pathway to physical renewal and restoration, but this means the reverse is also true that physical intelligence is that point where we become wise to how we break.  Here I listened to the relationship between depression and exercise :

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